Electric Bicycle Trends To Expect In 2021

electric bicycle
electric bicycle

In the past few years, electric bikes have seen an explosion in popularity. Electric transportation has been enjoying something of a renaissance, and people are turning to bikes for a lot of their short- to medium-distance trips.

This popularity growth of e-bikes will likely continue in 2021. Thus, there will also be a variety of other e-bikes like Harley style electric bikes. The following are a few trends to watch for.

Lighter and Better Motors

Electric motors and envy scooters have been advancing significantly in recent years, due largely to increasing demand. Additionally, it has become clear that electric vehicles are the way of the future. Lighter and more responsive motors can greatly help the efficiency of EVs and e-bikes. So, this will likely lead to a new wave of better, more capable e-bikes.

Bigger (and Better?) Batteries

Batteries are the other major element of the e-bike powertrain. Overall, battery technology is a very fruitful area of investment. A better battery can help with everything from your electric beach cruiser to your smartphone to industrial equipment. So far, batteries have mostly been getting bigger. However, Tesla and some other companies appear to be on the verge of a significant improvement. That is good news for e-bike enthusiasts who want to go further and faster.

Electric Bikes for Cargo Carrying

Electric bikes aren’t just for personal transportation. As the technology has improved, they have been applied to new areas. One of the most significant is cargo carrying. E-bikes are used for hauling around children, goods and more. There are even van-like vehicles based on e-bikes that could help with more efficient short-range deliveries by businesses.

You may even see versions of e-bikes used like food carts. They present the ideal platform, especially as motor and battery technologies improve.

Large, Car-Like Bike Platforms

In a similar vein, some companies are working on larger ebike market. These are almost crossovers between bikes and small cars. They are a way for people to get the benefits of an e-bike while still having a roof and a more stable four-wheel vehicle. Strictly speaking, these aren’t bikes, and they are unlikely to make a big impact on e-bikes directly. However, they do present an option that is between a car and a bike.

3D-Printed Bikes

Finally, 3D printing technology may offer some new options for e-bike enthusiasts. For example, bikes can be made faster and (potentially) cheaper. This is also great for people who want to have a bespoke bike. There are already some 3D-printed options on the market. So far, they have not made a huge splash. However, 2021 will likely see additional innovations in this area. It is a trend worth watching.

Find Your Electric Bike Today

Whether you are looking for the best e bike for hilly commute routes or an awesome bike for casual riding, electric bikes have a lot to offer. The above trends will continue to shape and redefine the e-bike market in the near future. Learn more about e-bikes today and get in on the space by finding the right one for you. It could revolutionize your transportation needs.