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Types of Custom Car Decals to add Personality to your Car

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Car decals are now the vogue of the age, which the car owners identify as a very cost-effective add-on to enhance their vehicle’s personality. Moreover, car decals are also being used for promotional purposes by businesses and even political parties. You can custom design car decals on vinyl now, and so logos, graphics, letters; anything can be carved from vinyl decals to be pasted on to your car.

There are various choices to make when it comes to choosing the appropriate material and custom car decal options. You may consult with a decal vendor to get more ideal about the available options in both ready-made and custom cut decals. This article will discuss some of the top options in decal materials for you to consider.

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Clear decals

Clear decals are transparent materials, which can be applied to the car’s rear and side windows without blocking the view. However, this is only one of the many advantages of clear decals. Clear decals are high-quality mirror applications. Usually, the printing is done on the back of these decals, and the adhesive part can be applied to the car window from inside. So, clear decals are ideal for indoor application, but without blocking the view. As kept inside, these will also last long for long.

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Matte decals

Matte or frosted decals are ideal for ensuring privacy and delivering the message you want to share with others. Matte designs may block visibility, so you cannot use them as full-size custom car decals or window wraps on cars, but small graphic cuts can be made out of matte decals for the vehicle’s outer body. Other popular uses of matte decals at store windows, boardrooms, workspace, offices, etc.

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Perf adhesives

Perforated adhesives are also see-through decals, often adhering to the big store windows and covering the windows from top to bottom. These can be used as window wraps on cards. Perf adhesives are the favorite of advertisers for many good reasons. Some of the perforated decals also have tiny holes in them, which will increase their adhesiveness. These ensure one-way visibility on the side where light is brighter.

Opaque decals

These are fully nontransparent and come in various colors and designs which look great on application in any vehicle. You can use it ideally for your car d├ęcor to make small car stickers. You can carve your business logo or custom graphics using opaque decals and stick it onto any smooth surface. Opaque decals can firmly stick to the window due to the stressed background.

Alon with car glass and body, you can also consider car roof decals, hood decals, side door decals, bumper decals, and so on. The possibilities are endless that you can easily choose car decals to serve any of your purposes. When you are trying to use decals for business promotion, one should be very careful and considerate to ensure that it serves the purpose well and ensures a good return on investment.

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