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What Makes a Good Electric Scooter?

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Electric scooters are an ideal solution for city dwellers looking to move around without the extra cost and the extra hassle of public transportation or driving. With the influx of population in most urban centres over the world and in Australia particularly, there is a massive strain on commute services. 

Most cities have reached extreme congestion limits and are overpopulated. The amount of traffic on the roads means that driving to and from work every day is no longer a convenient solution. Public transport facilities have improved over the last few years, but there is still room for improvement in this regard. 

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Public transport is often full to the brim during office rush hours as people look to either reach their workplaces on time or rush to home. This leaves us with a unique commuting problem that the modern world can tackle through electric scooters. 

For around $750, electric scooters provide a long lasting solution, which is cost-efficient as well and easy to maintain in the long run. These electric scooters are relatively simple to operate and offer a universal solution to a problem that now faces most developed cities. 

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In this article, we take a look at the factors that combine to make a good electric scooter. Run through this article and find the attribute you should look for in one. 


An electric scooter that comes without proper suspension or air in the tires would be really hard to ride on most urban pavements. A poor suspension usually means that every small bump on the pavement or the road would rattle every component of the scooter from your handle bar to the standing platform. A poor suspension wouldn’t just be bad for the scooter but will also play with the risk of back pain in your body and can even lead to accidents on the road. 

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The scooter you buy should also preferably have minimal give in/play within the vertical bar for steering and control. A decent e scooter should ramp up controls through a predictable and firm feel while cruising at speed. 

Battery and Range 

Understanding the estimated battery range for their scooter can be a bit complex for most users. The reality is that there are a number of variables that determine the actual output you get from your battery. Figures released by the manufacturer should ideally be vindicated, but you will get a varying output from your battery in most scenarios. 

Some of the factors that come into play to determine the output from the battery include the head-wind ratio, the rider’s weight, height of the scooter, the terrain you are riding, and the pit stops you wait at in between. 

Do not just go for the battery rating mentioned by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers mention the Amp Hours or Ah rating, which can be misleading without an indication of the nominal voltage. Calculate Watt-hours by multiplying nominal voltage by Amp Hours. 

Top Speed 

When you talk about speeds in your electronic scooter, you should mention two types of speed: the comfortable cruising speed determined by the manufacturer and the maximum speed. Some scooters do come with a top speed of 20mph, but you cannot realistically travel at this speed for long. A comfortable cruising speed of 10 to 15 mph will be fine here, as it helps you ride in peace without worrying about unnecessary bumps and chances of a fall. 

Smart Scooter 

A good electric scooter should be smart and should help you view details related to your trip for analysis later. As part of this, the scooter should come with a detailed tracking system that helps you view the range, speed and power of the ride. Additionally, a good e scooter should help you set handling details according to your preference through the ‘Ride Mode’ settings. Most contemporary scooters come with an illuminated information dashboard, which is an upgrade over the dark and gloomy dashboard of some previous models. 

If you want your e scooter to go the distance and give you a comfortable experience, you should look for a scooter with a battery pack greater than 300 Wh, 8 inch tires, a decent suspension and a solid frame. 

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