4 Killer Tips for Getting A Perfect Tan You Need to Know

Perfect Tan You

Many people crave to enjoy their vacation and come back with a perfect tan. It is possible, and all you are to do is to practice some activities that will enable you to achieve the perfect tan. It would be best to carry all the equipment you need for a vacation, do not worry, or spend time shopping for the basic needs. Besides, when you go shopping during your break, it needs to be to shop for gifts and souvenirs and not look for what you will need for the trip. Having a perfect tan requires enough time and commitment. Read on to learn the best tips for getting a perfect tan:

It is Best if You Exfoliate

When you exfoliate your skin, you remove all the dead cells, which may prevent an even tan. It is best if you start exfoliating a few days before exposure to the sun so that your skin can become sensitive hence prone to sunburns. It is best if you use exfoliation cloths, brushes, and anything non-chemical to shower. Remember to hydrate your skin after showering to prevent severe sunburns. When foliating, it will help if you do it to your whole body so that the tan can be even.

The Diet You Eat Also Helps

There is a particular food that when you eat, your skin is bound to change. When you eat specific vegetables, they help your skin to be ready. Besides, lycopene and beta-carotene found in the vegetable increase your body’s protection against ultraviolet heat.  It is best if your diet is rich in carrots and tomatoes, but if you don’t like tomatoes, you can supplement your diet with Melanotan 2 to help prepare your skin internally. Note that the vegetables you need to take with other foods for the diet to be balanced.

Maintain the Use of Sunscreen

When you apply sunscreen, you get a tan slowly but safely. It will help if you know the right one to buy. Besides, you need to know which SPF is suitable for your skin. You can use the following checklist to choose a sunscreen:

  • It needs to protect you against UVA and UVB, thus preventing aging, skin allergies, and cancer.
  • The sunscreen has to be broad-spectrum to protect you against UVA and that the SPF can protect you against UVB
  • The SPF you choose has to be the right one with the correct number 
  • You can also use sun lotion that is safe for the environment and your health. 

Using Natural Oils Makes You Tan Faster

Some natural oils help you to achieve a deeper tan as well as protecting your skin. Besides, the oils will give you a natural glow while improving your skin’s elasticity hence keeping it moist. For best results, you can apply the oils 30 minutes before going to the beach to give your skin time to absorb them. Remember you have to apply sunscreen on top of the oil for better results

For a deep, long-lasting tan, you need to expose yourself progressively by having numerous short tanning sessions. Remember, if you expose yourself for long hours, you will likely get sunburns, leading to skin peeling. You can also use activators like Melanotan 2 to increase your rate of tanning.