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8 Types of Fabrics that Happy, Comfortable Babies Wear

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Sometimes, new parents and parents-to-be get overwhelmed by the number of attractive options they encounter when purchasing baby clothes. What they need to understand is that not all types of fabrics are safe and comfortable for babies to wear. Some fabrics can be too rough on a baby’s soft skin. Other types of clothing material provide too much or too little insulation, and it can be quite a problem depending on the climate.

Presently, there is a growing trend in clothing for babies, wherein organic baby products are used as the base material. Organic baby products contain materials and ingredients that are not harmful to babies or nature.

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Resist the urge to buy that glittery dress or skin-tight costume for your child. Put back that heavily embellished top and pick a shirt made of a more breathable material instead. It pays to double-check and analyse whether a piece of clothing would feel comfortable with your child or not.

Better yet, use this simple list as a guide for determining baby-friendly fabrics the next time you go shopping for your little one:baby

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    Cotton— Cotton is a widely used material for most types of apparel for babies and toddlers. It is gentle and breathable that it allows your baby’s tender skin to breathe. It is also very soft and is not abrasive.

  2. MicrofibreThe best part about using microfibre clothing and towels is it has a fast-drying property. As such, it helps absorb moisture on your baby’s skin faster after they take a bath. It is also said to be non-allergenic, making it safe even for infants with sensitive skin.

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    Muslin— Muslin is a light material that is usually one of the go-to choices for manufacturing covers, lightweight coats, and clothing used for swaddling. Despite the comfort it brings, rarely is it used for creating kids’ apparel.

  4. Fleece— Fleece is exceptionally soft and warm, primarily when used as a blanket and jacket. It is also known for being highly resistant to stains, making it less of a hassle to wash.

  5. Jersey Knit— Jersey knit is a stretchable and breathable fabric. When worn by infants, it allows them to move more freely and comfortably. It is also suitable to be worn multiple times, even as babies begin to grow bigger.

  6. Broderie Anglaise— This material is a variant of cotton. It is commonly seen in dresses, bibs, socks, and mittens. Broderie Anglaise is lightweight and does not leave your baby’s skin irritated.

  7. Gauze— A gauze is the perfect type of fabric for baby’s beddings and blankets. It allows enough air to pass through, allowing your baby’s skin to breathe even during the warm summer season. Most gauzes sold nowadays come in fun and colourful prints that your baby will surely love.

  8. Bamboo Rayon— Similar to muslin, bamboo rayon is also suitable for swaddle cloths and covers for babies. The material is very resistant to wear and tear. Best of all, it helps regulate body temperature in babies.

Remember, expensive clothes do not always mean more comfort for your child. Some types of fabric may be harsh on your baby’s skin. When in doubt, choose organic baby products over-commercialised variants.

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