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9 Must Have Makeup Products for Men.

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I know you’re wondering, do men put makeup on?,should they put on makeup?and the answer is yes and put on makeup and yes they can i mean it’s a free world you can do also have blemishes,black spots dark circles hyper-pigmentation basically everything that women women experience with their if you are guy and you feel like you want to start putting on makeup here some of your must have products.

1. Moisturizer.

Moisturizer help nourish the skin and maintain its suppleness.and it’s more important you put on moisturizer especially if you are putting on makeup because some of the make pu products can be very apply put a few drops on your face and massage carefully with your finger.quite standard.

2. Primer.

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This is standard for anyone irrespective of gender.for as long as you are putting on makeup primer is important.primer help protect your skin from your makeup and help your makeup last for longer and gives you an even complexion and enable your makeup last longer.primer also help keep your make matte and fresher for longer.

3. Makeup sponges makeup brushes.

This is basic for everyone who puts on make order to apply products such as foundation and concealer and others efficiently you need to own a good set of makeup brushes.a set of brushes consist of many different brushes and each brush as its purpose. And to blend your makeup well you need beauty blenders and sponges for an effective makeup look.

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4. Concealer

Everyone get dark under eye circle sometimes due to lack of sleep,sometime due to health issues, there are  many reason.a concealer can help cover them up giving the desired even apply put a little amount under your eyes and use a wet beauty blender to blend it in you skin well to hide your dark circles.if you don’t have a brush or sponge you can effectively use your ring finger to apply concealer.make sure you blend very well to get an even complexion.for better results use a slightly lighter shade than your skin.

5. Foundation.

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Foundation helps you hide any blemishes or spot on your face and also gives you a nice  even’s very important to get the right shade of foundation,if you use you foundation you might end up looking very uneven or that hideous look where your face does match the rest of your body.most beauty brand perform shade matching for free in there stores,some beauty brands have even introduced virtual matching which has made things a lot easier you can now get matched and purchase your foundation from the comfort of your home so cool.for foundation application you can either use a brush(make sure you use the correct brush) or you can use a wet beauty blender blend it in.the secret to having a smooth and even look when it come to foundation is BLENDING blend  blend and blend some more and do not forget the neck and ears.

6. Tinted Serum

foundation many seem too much especially to beginners .they is another product that can give you an even complexion and also brighten you face.this product is the tinted serum.tinted serum is just like the regular serum but the tinted serum gives you a little coverage.this is good for beginners because it doesn’t really need an elaborate technique to apply just apply evenly on your face as you would apply your regular serum.its is combination of skincare and make up which is just brilliant idea.

7. Powder.

After applying your foundation and concealer you will need powder to set your products to ensure your makeup doesn’t slide and move around and stays intact.use loose translucent powder to prevent your makeup from looking cakey also with translucent powder you do not have to worry about the shades it goes well with all skin types.powder can also be use to set your makeup.

8. Eyebrow and Eyelash Extension.

When it come up to mens makeup the eyes are greatly ignored.adding some shape and thickness can make all the difference the eyes are everything when it come to make up.just shaping your eyebrows can significantly improve your appearance so men please do your eyebrows get a good mascara and if you are bold enough and don’t mind the cost of lash extension,get eyelash extensions that suit you face.eyelash extensions will make look so much better and also make your feel so good about yourself.eyelash extension gives you a more glam makeup look.

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9. Bronzer.

A bronzer adds a beautiful glow to you face and gives a more glam apply use your fingers or a brushes and a apply a few swipes on the hollows of your cheeks and use a brush or a sponge to swipe light to even it on your face.use a bronzer that is abit darker than your skin tone for more defined makeup look.

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A few more bonus product that are very essential is a lip bum and micellar water.lip bum is not even considered but it very essential it ensures your lips do not look dry and flakey.micellar water is very important to take off you make up especially waterproof makeup that can be quite challenging to remove.always remember makeup is very personal do what makes you feel good about yourself  whatever you’re comfortable is an area that is very unexplored,make up artist who specialised are very is very good business idea since it’s not too saturated.

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