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Correct Ways to Use Products for Best Facial Care

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You might use different products on your face to make it look more attractive and feel confident. However, using correct ways to use products on your facial skin is essential. 

If it’s rough, dull, or full of lines before old age, your skin requires care. At the same time, you should apply the products properly and note your facial care duration. Please don’t overdo it. 

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When you apply any water-based product after an oil-based product, then it will not penetrate your skin. Eventually, if the product cannot penetrate your skin, it will prove less useful for your skin. 

The sequence in applying products on your skin matters the most because it will prevent your skin from any harm. Any disorder can cause new skin issues. 

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You should know how you can get the best results for your facial skin. You have to apply the skin routine every day and night. Besides, effects don’t occur overnight to provide you an instant glow. Therefore, consistently do it.

When you use the products, try using them from thinnest to thickest form like start from water-based products, then moisturize your skin then apply oil-based products. 

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If you are using active ingredients in your products, you should know when and how much you can apply them. You should only use those neutral products after acidic products.

Correct Ways to Use the Products in the Morning

Morning facial care required protection from sun rays and pollution from the outside atmosphere. Follow the following steps to know the correct way:


First of all, wash your face with warm water. Apply cleanser which suits your face skin, massage your face, and rewash your face. The cleanser helps to wash away dirt and sweat from your skin.  


You can apply toner right after cleanser because it helps to soften your skin. Toners help replenish your face skin through hydration and remove dirt and dead cells from your facial skin.

Antioxidant Serum

Take the antioxidant serum and apply a few drops to your face. You can massage your face with light tapping or in a circular motion with a soft hand.

This serum will protect your skin from any wrinkles—Vitamins C & E used in this serum that improves your facial skin’s firmness.

Eye Cream

Take a small amount of eye cream and apply it to your eye area in a half-circular motion. Your eye’s skin is sensitive because wrinkles or lines appear here earlier than other regions. Eye cream helps to brighten and smooth the area around your eyes. 


Take the lotion or cream according to your skin to moisturize your facial skin. Apply the lotion or cream to your face till it reaches every part of your face. It will help to soften your skin and provide a soothing effect.


Apply the sunscreen cream and massage your face before going out. This helps you to protect your skin against sun rays and reduce the signs of your skin aging.

Correct Ways to Use the Products in Night

If you are applying makeup in the daytime, you should repair your skin’s damage using the product in the correct ways at night.


Apply the cleanser to your face, massage it, and wash it off. The cleanser helps to remove make, dirt, or any damage to your skin and make it soft and glow instantly.


Apply the toner on your whole face. You should apply it right after your cleanser to mark the end of your cleansing routine for the night.

Spot Treatment

If your skin gets damaged or spot when you were outside, then apply a small amount of this product and leave it for a night. This product is excellent to remove any mark or spot from your facial skin.

Eye Cream

You should also apply a small amount of eye cream at night. Eye cream at night helps to improve tiredness or dark circles around your eyes. Besides, it removes fine lines around the eye area.

Night Cream

Apply a small amount of night cream and massage it evenly across your face. Night creams help to repair the damage to your skin caused by the outside atmosphere in the daytime.


Your skin is perfect, and if it’s not, then you can make it perfect whenever you want. An essential thing to follow is to keep your facial skincare routine consistent and in order. The correct ways to use products can prevent your facial skin from any harm.

Set a time duration for your skincare, which you find suitable for your facial skin. 

Try finding out what works best for your facial skin and make your skin soft and glow. Use the products in sequence, and the outcome will surely amaze you. Hurry and try it!

If you need more suggestions you can contact your beauty adviser any time.

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