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How to Get Perfect Smokey Eyes?

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Whether it is a birthday celebration, Christmas eve, Valentine’s day, corporate event, New year’s party or any other occasion, smokey eyes can make you look gorgeous and help you stand out in the crowd.

However, it is a bit tricky to master this look. If done wrong, the darker shades can make you look weird and tired. While you can visit a salon to get the perfect look, what about doing it all by yourself? 

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Here are a few tips to achieve perfect and gorgeous smokey eyes at home:

  1. Apply primer to your lids

When it comes to creating a beautiful smokey eye look, primer is a secret beauty star that ensures your eyeshadow stays in place.

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Dabbing a lit bit of primer will:

  • make your eyes look great
  • improve your skin’s texture
  • make eye makeup look smoother and last longer
  • prevents eyeshadow from creasing

Above all, it is an absolute must to achieve flawless smokey eyes. 

  1. Highlight your lashes
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Highlighted lashes can do wonders and help you get those perfect smokey eyes.

Some of the tips to highlight your eyelashes are:

  • Curl your lashes
  • Mascara is a must to make your eyes pop 
  • To get a total smokey eye glam look, apply a Kohl eyeliner along the base of your lash line and smudge it
  • Apply a black kajal between your lash line and upper lid contour to boost the volume of your lashes
  1. Play with different shades

While black is the most common choice for smokey eyes, you can also use other bright and dark shades like deep brown, purple, red, navy blue, or any other color you like.

For instance, if you want to create a gradient smokey eye look, use light, medium, and dark tones of the same color family. 

  1. Don’t forget waterline

This step can make or break your smokey eye look. 

Often women apply a black pencil liner to their waterline. But if you have small eyes, this can make them look even more smaller. 

Swap the black liner with white eyeliner. You’ll notice how it makes your eyes look larger and your waterline even whiter. 

Depending on the shade you choose for your eyelids, violet, teal, or turquoise—all options are perfect for the waterline.

  1. Add a touch of shimmer

A small dab of shimmer on your lid can go a long way and make your eyes look wow, especially for evening and late night parties where there is less light.

You can even blend shimmer with your eyeshadows to define and further smoke out your eyes.

Moreover, dust the shimmer powder equally on your mascara to achieve a dramatic smokey eye look.

In the end…

Whether you have small or big eyes, the magic of make-up can do wonders and can help you get those perfect smokey eyes.

Smokey eyes make you look bold, beautiful, confident, and are perfect for every occasion. 

With a little practice and by following the above steps, you can easily master this versatile look. 

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