My Winter Skincare Routine

raphael lovaski Pe9IXUuC6QU unsplash
raphael lovaski Pe9IXUuC6QU unsplash

When I was a teenager, I struggled with severe cystic acne, which inspired me, once I started college, to reevaluate how I care for myself. I might have become obsessed with my skin, but honestly, the preoccupation paid off; now, I get more compliments on my appearance than I ever have!

Luckily for you, I’m not the kind of woman to keep good advice secret, so here are some things I like to do in the winter to keep my skin in the best possible shape.

EverYoung Skin and Laser Clinics Vancouver

Eventually, as we age, our skin naturally loses its volume and elasticity. All of a sudden, that once wide smile looks more like a frown. It’s a sorrowful symptom of “looking your age” – but it doesn’t have to happen!

The team at EverYoung Skin and Laser Clinics Vancouver use various treatments to help patients achieve the best possible results.

Use the right cleanser

I’ve lived in Colorado for many years, so I know, from experience, how much of a toll frosty temperature can take on the skin.

If you also live in a chilly area, you might add a cream cleanser to your skincare routine to ensure that every part of your body, including your face, stays hydrated. After all, winter air is noticeably drier; that’s why your lips tend to crack when it’s colder!

Try gentle exfoliation

This infographic was created by SeSpring, maker of a hydrating gel cream

Generally, come winter, I exfoliate once or twice a week, though I’m much gentler about the process, as skin is more sensitive when temperatures are low. Besides, the last thing you want to do is over-scrub your face; excessive abrasive contact can cause redness and physical pain. So, be careful while you’re exfoliating, or you might make your skin look and feel worse!

Take it easy on shower time

Once temperatures dip below freezing, you might be tempted to stay in a hot shower for a few minutes longer than usual, but don’t let that comfort get the better of you: showering actually encourages drier skin! If you’re looking for a silky face, stay away from steaming water and try cold or lukewarm instead. Small adjustments like these have worked wonders for my appearance, so I highly recommend that you test my advice, at least for this coming season!

Try microdermabrasion

Two years ago, I tried microdermabrasion at my local spa. It’s a quick treatment that removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, ultimately revealing fresher, more rejuvenated layers. It has been the key to eliminating my personal insecurities, which is why I suggest that you try it at least once!

The best part is that, with microdermabrasion, I’ve noticed I get so many more compliments from people I know (not to mention from strangers)—what more is there to want?

Try an overnight mask

There are few things more rewarding than waking up to the results of an overnight beauty mask! 

Overnight masks have been some of the most important additions to my skincare routine. They have helped to properly hydrate and nourish my skin while I sleep—an uninterrupted, eight-hour period of absolute aesthetic bliss!

During the winter, I only use masks once a week, but some of my friends use them every night. There are so many masks available to choose from, so finding the perfect one be a struggle at first, but if you put the time and effort in, you’ll find one that will leave you looking like a completely new person without all of the extra hassle!