Interesting Facts about Bitcoin to Surprise You

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Bitcoin has been turning heads since2009 for multiple reasons. It is now the biggest thing in the entire world. But to dig more, let’s just know some interesting and key facts about it, click here

Mysterious creator 

Anyone who knows the name of bitcoin, definitely knows the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. There are several theories revolving around this name, but no confirmation exists. Also, nobody knows whether the man is dead or alive because he disappeared from the internet in late 2010. Since then, nobody has found any trace of him. 

The more interesting factor is that he got hold of over 980,000 bitcoins. This huge amount of bitcoin is assumably lost forever with the disappearance of Mr. Nakamoto. If it is still there, he will be the richest person in the world. 

Do you know about Satoshi?

Satoshi is the smallest part of one bitcoin, which has been created to show respect to the creator of it, Satoshi Nakamoto. 

You will lose your bitcoin by losing your private key 

Yes! When you lose your private keys, you will definitely lose your bitcoins because private keys are the unique address using which people access the bitcoin. So, when it is lost, the bitcoins are lost forever, and you loseyour unique identity. One hundred million Satoshis together make one bitcoin. Therefore, the cost of one 

20% of BTC is already lost 

You heard it right. Twenty percent of the entire bitcoin is already lost, and it is lost forever. You might be thinking, how come such a big amount of crypto can be lost? Satoshi himself saved 980,000, which is not going to be used again (as per the experts). As we have lost connection with the man since 2010, chances are he is dead by now. So, that asset is lost. Apart from him, many people also died during these 13 years who held large chunks of bitcoin. They died and did not share their private keys with anyone else to have access. 

Apart from these people, there are also many people who have lost the BTC just by losing their private keys. Many people lost their hard drives. Mane lost the paper wallet. In fact, there are also people who forget the password of their wallets. 

El Salvador made it legal 

Last year, on September 7, bitcoin was made legalized in the first country El Salvador. Their president, Nayib Bukele, took the move to make it one of the legal tenders within the country. It means Bitcoin will be there as a legal tender, but it will not be using the pre-existing tenders. So, bitcoin and U.S Dollar will both be there. 

Last mine 

Among the twenty million bitcoins, we already have around eighteen million. So, that makes the three million remaining. Also, it is calculated by the experts that the last mining will happen in the year – 2140. Maybe it is due to the fact that the price of bitcoins gets halved every four years. So, as time goes on, fewer and fewer bitcoins are getting mined. 

The famous pizza purchases

The first commercial purchase of bitcoin happened on 22nd May 2010. The day is now celebrated as pizza day, and it has enough reasons as well. On that day, a person called Laszlo Hanyecz announced that he wanted someone to give him two pizzas, and in return, he would pay that person his ten thousand bitcoins. Not only did he announce that, but he also paid the person who bought him the pizzas. Right now, those bitcoins are worth five hundred million dollars. Also, it is considered the costliest pizza ever. Since that day, the event has become part of bitcoin’s history. 


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