10 Winter Wedding Trends You Need to Plan for Now

Winter Wedding

Of all the seasons, winter trends seem to change the least. While not stagnant, there’s just something about winter that stands the test of time better than other seasons. While the classics never die, there are some trends you should watch for when planning a winter wedding.

Don’t Throw Out the Playbook Just Yet

Yes, there are several trends to be on the lookout for this winter. However, the classics aren’t going anywhere. If you’re already deep into your winter wedding planning, you don’t need to scrap everything and start over. You can if you like, but that just sounds a bit neurotic. 

Winter Wedding Trends You Need to Plan for Now

Unique Wedding Bands

This trend is a long time coming and not exactly new. However, a contender is making itself known this winter season: tungsten. Tungsten wedding bands are the strong silent type, and their rise to stardom this year has followed that same theme. If you’re looking for a non-traditional wedding band, tungsten has a strong case for itself this season.

Soft Lighting

Candles, candles, and more candles. Yes, and fake candles. Please do not burn down your venue because you’re trying to capture an aesthetic. Seriously though, candles are something to look forward to at plenty of upcoming winter weddings. They effortlessly set the mood, and the soft light flickering makes everyone look good.

Nature Themes

We’re seeing nature themes in all seasons, but fall and winter weddings really seem to be picking up on it. While outdoor and outdoor-themed weddings are natural for summer, winter ones have joined the party here as well. Expect trees, greenery, pine needles, etc. Anything that seems like it should be outside is going to be inside this winter wedding season.

Vintage Stylings

Everything outside is inside, and everything old is new again. Vintage stylings are coming back with a vengeance, and they want another round in the spotlight. This is another one of those trends that isn’t exactly new but is making its way into the winter wedding season.


Yes, obviously, everything has texture. We get it. You don’t need to be smart about this. What we mean is defined, noticeable textures that add visual depth. 

Take velvet, for example. Velvet is really coming into vogue this winter season, so expect to look cool and stay cozy during the cold months. Who’s gonna complain about that one? Win-win. Any unique texture is going to be a welcome guest this winter, though — not just velvet.

Earth Tones and Simple Color Schemes

Yes, we covered nature themes earlier, but this is a separate trend. Just because you don’t see an indoor tree at the wedding doesn’t mean nature isn’t playing a part. Simple, earth-toned décor has been popping up seemingly everywhere, and this winter is going to be huge for it. 

If you don’t look good in green or burnt orange, we’re sorry. Honestly, earth tones tend to look good on pretty much everyone, so you should be good to go.

Faux Fur

This one dovetails with the texture trend we’re seeing, but faux fur is perfect for winter weddings. A white coat with a fur ruff looks very Narnia-esque. If that’s your vibe, you’re gonna be stoked this winter. Plus, it’s cozy, and you don’t have to exterminate any foxes to acquire it.

Secondary Rings

This is especially useful for winter weddings in colder areas. Maybe you have a nicer ring for the ceremony, but harsh weather doesn’t play nicely with it. If you bring a backup ring, you can dance the night away without worrying about the cold outside or scratching it while doing your best attempt at the worm. Silicone rings for men are popular for non-worm reasons, too — just so we’re clear.

Larger Weddings

To be clear, small weddings aren’t going anywhere. They’re still popular and will likely remain popular for the foreseeable future. However, larger weddings are rebounding fiercely this winter, so feel free to extend that guest list and invite an extra cousin or two who wouldn’t otherwise make the cut.

Seasonal Decorations

This feels like the culmination of all the trends we’ve laid out thus far, but it bears mentioning separately for one main reason: bridal tables. Whether you go head table, sweetheart table, or some other invite-only table option, you’ll see plenty of seasonal décor on display.

Tables’ centerpieces are always fun for the artistically inclined, and winter is a veritable design playground. Could you slap a pine cone on the table with a bow and call it good? Yes. Frankly, plenty of people would take pictures of it and think it’s a neat artistic touch. For those who want to do just a bit more, though, there are so many choices for bringing in traditional winter touches.

Now, keep in mind these are just trends. Do you have to use them? Absolutely not. If you think they all sound dumb, you’re well within your rights to have a wedding that includes absolutely zero of these ideas. However, as you’re planning your winter wedding, we hope these trends help point you in the right direction!