12 Steps to Make a Top Gun Costume

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woman, actress, cosplay @ Pixabay

If you are looking for the perfect costume for Halloween this year, consider dressing up as a Top Gun pilot. This is an easy-to-make DIY project that will only require 12 steps and a few simple materials! In this article, we will discuss what types of materials you might need, how to put on your uniform, and the tips and tricks for making your gun holster.

The materials you need:

an old turtleneck or tank top. This is ideally the type of shirt that has long sleeves and thick fabric, but it can be any color as long as it’s not too see-through. It should also have a high neckline at the back so you don’t show your bra straps when you turn around.

old jeans or leggings, which should be the same color as your turtleneck shirt. These will serve as your uniform pants and is what you’ll wear under the jacket in order to appear more realistic. Pants that can have a zipper on them are best since they’re easier to remove when it’s time to take off your costume.

a pair of black combat boots, or two pairs if you’re wearing pants that have zippers and can be removed without taking the turtleneck shirt off at all.

one white T-shirt to wear under the army jacket for effect while shooting down enemy planes on Halloween night. You may also find it easier to wear a white T-shirt when you have the jacket on and are shooting.

one black turtleneck shirt or long-sleeved cotton shirt

one army green overcoat that has “US ARMY” printed in big letters across the back, including the word “ARMY”. This can be found at your local army surplus store.

a pair of sunglasses that have been tinted black

one toy gun to hold and use while you’re shooting down enemy aircraft on Halloween night (a water gun may work as well)

white athletic socks, or two pairs if you’re wearing pants that have zippers and can be removed

one pair of green camouflage pants

military boots

a gun belt that you can find at your local army surplus store or on Amazon.com, and which has loops to hold the toy gun in place while walking around

if wearing glasses with lenses: take your prescription lenses out of frame before Halloween night arrives

Top Gun Costume

purchase an Army surplus jacket

draw a large letter “A” on the back of the jacket with either fabric paint, or by using your own blood. (Optionally) cover any other letters to hide them for Halloween night’s fun!

find and put together all parts of the costume: hat, sunglasses, socks, shirt, jacket.

get a toy gun from your local army surplus store or Amazon and load it with ammo for the night’s festivities

if wearing glasses without lenses: replace them with dark sunglasses

tie up hair in a ponytail / high bun to make you look like Maverick!

one pair of black athletic shorts

a belt that matches the army green overcoat

a military-style hat or USMC cap with two points on top for effect. This can be found at your local Army Surplus Store as well, but you may also find it online from different sources and they come in many colors like black, green, tan and other options

if you have a beard: shave it off. this will make your face appear more clean-shaven with the help of some makeup that can be purchased at any costume store or online

a black mustache will also help you look more like Maverick

put on the aviator sunglasses

tie up hair in a ponytail / high bun to make you look like Maverick!

If wearing glasses without lenses, fill them about a third of the way with water and put in two drops of food coloring

Army green overcoat that buttons from top to bottom. If you are not tall enough, get an army jacket

white undershirt or turtleneck shirt under the coat for better appearance – this can also be found at your local surplus store