4 Reasons Why Buying Matching Couples Underwear Can Spark Excitement in a Relationship

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For centuries couples have celebrated their relationship by wearing particular matching things. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were known for wearing matching jewelry, and even today “His” and Hers” han towels hang side by side in bathrooms. Even during the holidays, it is common to see couples wearing matching festive sweaters. When you wear something that matches the item worn by your loved one, you are making a statement. The same is true when one sets out to buy couples underwear from a high-quality shop: there is a level of unity that’s created. This article is intended to help partners understand how buying couples underwear can help to add a new layer of excitement into the relationship. 

1. It’s Fun to Have a Secret: Couples Underwear Enables Fun, Inside Knowledge

Being part of an inside joke, or being privy to something special that others are blind to can bring a cheeky type of happiness. Couples underwear does just this; the partners know they are wearing matching underwear, and this is fun, and nobody else knows. Some people get excited and energized by wearing couples underwear while out on the town. You can be shopping with your husband, on a flight to the Caribbean, or even at a dull family event like the wedding of your estranged cousin that you could care less about, but knowing that you and the love of your life are both wearing the same underwear design can keep you smiling all day long, even when on the go. This is one of several reasons why couples underwear is so desirable and a top seller in the world of lingerie. 

2. Couples Underwear Can Spice Up One’s Sex Life

Sex is a main motivatoer in buying lingerie. Men love to buy underwear and bras for their women and watch them try it on (and take it off), and women love to buy lingerie to surprise their partner. When one partner surprises another with not just the gift of lingerie, but couples underwear, things will likely heat up in the bedroom. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or there is no special occasion at all, buying couples underwear will likely turn both people on, and help to keep the romance alive all through the night.

3. Couples Underwear Promotes Unity

We all like to feel connected to our loved one; we wear matching rings and sometimes we even drive matching cars. Couples underwear is another way (an intimate one at that) spouses and partners can feel better connected in a fun way. Whether one invests in “his” and “hers” underwear marked as such, or get matching underwear that share the same pattern but with individual touches that masculate “his”, and feminizes “hers”, couples underwear is a great way to help people feel closer to each other. 

4. Couples Underwear is a Special Gift

Perfect for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, couples underwear is not your ordinary gift, and therefore it stands out marking the occasion as being truly special. This is the perfect gift to give one another right before taking that special vacation, or just before going out on the town for date night. Either way, a special gift like couples underwear is sure to add that extra spark in your relationship.