5 best random address generators to consider in 2021

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In this digital world, there are various websites or forums where you have to enter details such as name, address, credit card details, etc.

Sometimes you may not consider it appropriate to provide your personal information, especially if the site looks spammy or unsecured.

The online tools for generating random details are helpful: for example, with a random address generator, you can create complete information about a random person. 

There are various online tools for this purpose, but none of these tools is worthy to your purpose. Below, we have listed the best tools that help create authentic details for a website.

1.    Fakeit

This website can generate various details a website may need. Whether you want to enter a random person’s address information or credit card information, this free tool can help make your original details secure.


This site doesn’t require registration or any other details. When you open the site, you need to select the country, and it will provide the details for the specific country.

Fakeit generates the name, address, phone, email, age, height, weight, color, and other commonly required information.

2.    Prepostseo

Another popular tool for random address generation is Prepostseo. This website offers addresses for different countries, and selecting the specific country will generate the information according to that country’s standard.

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It generates some additional information, including personal details, financial details, employment information, and Internet details.

With a single click on the country, all these details are produced in the shortest time without any cost.

This free website does not require any information or any subscription. Whether you are a businessman or a gamer, using this address generator is easy and convenient.

3.    Get Random Things

This is another popular tool for generating addresses. This tool can create multiple addresses with a single click.

The only bad thing about this website is the little details. This website does not generate any other information except the address.

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 If you want to create all the details for a forum, you usually need to enter the name, address, and additional information. This is not a suitable tool for this cause, as it only shows the house’s address and location.

It only shows the house number, street name/house number, and postal code of the area for all countries.

4.    Fakedata.net

Fakedata is another popular random address generator that can generate multiple details for any purpose.

Whether you need counterfeit address or credit card information, this website is free to use and produce bulk information.

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To use this, you only need to select one of the countries worldwide and select the quantity from 1 to 5.

When selecting these options, this tool generates multiple addresses, and each can be copied and use on any website. The basic disadvantage of this tool is that it only generates addresses instead of any additional information. 

5.    Getting Fake Data

This is another free website that can help users generate accurate data for a random person, like generating a random name and address to enter on any of the websites.

This website is common and famous for gamers or professionals who have to fill online forums.

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One of this tool’s outstanding features is the multiple creations of addresses with a single click, while you can create random names and credit card details from the same website.


Random addresses have different uses. As a gamer, you may need to protect your personal information, and this is possible with random details.

On the other hand, if you want to generate the address on your own, you might miss the country’s standard.

For this purpose, the online tools adopt the standard, just like postcode, city code, etc. This is why most professional online tools take precedence over manual education.