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A look into the world of online police check

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Technology has changed a lot in the present world. Everything is present on the internet, and it has become very convenient for people to get facilities by just sitting at their home. Earlier, nothing was on the internet, and people had to go to several places to get the products and services. Police have also become online and started protecting us through the online platform. So many cybercrimes are taking place nowadays and harming people personally as well as financially. These crimes can be reported online and are also solved by police check online.

Not only the cyber crimes are solved by the police on the online platform, but they also solve all types of crimes. You just need to be aware of the website on which you can make a report. The finest example of this is the Australian Federal Police, which has started giving these services online and now they are just one click away from you. Police themselves also do the survey on a daily basis to find criminals in their area by making a check on the people. This has made for the help of Australians, and they are getting speedy help from it. Earlier, they have to go to the police station first, and then they are able to get some help from them; now they can just type it on the website and can get an emergency call from them, and police will be with them in just seconds. Let’s discuss this in brief.

Fees structure of online police check

  • For getting the police services online, you need to fill the first application and then have to go step by step. The application will be of the national police check online, which will give you services in the whole nation. You just have to pay $42 for each national police check along with the application.
  • The second application will be biometric scanning, in which they will scan your fingerprints. Those fingerprints will be sent to the Australian Federal Police. Those fingerprints are sent in a systematic way, which is that the fingerprints will be sent along with the application, and the fees for all the process is $99. 
  • After that comes the final stage. In this stage, there is another form which you have to fill. There is biometric submission also, but it is different from the last one, and it should be done again and is submitted with the last application. The process of this application is somewhat similar to the last one, but one factor is different in this, which is fees. You have to pay $139. 

A complete guide of application 

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For submitting the applications, there are no such complications. AFP has given you options for filling applications which are convenient for you. Those options for filling the police check application is online and offline. The online method includes filling in the form by visiting the official website of the Australian Federal Police. When you visit that website, you will get a guide in it, and you can complete your form-filling by using that guide. The manual method will include the submission of the application as you need to download the application form, and then you need to fill it manually, and then a police verification will come, and you have to pass that.

After doing all these things, you have to post that form on the email address of AFP. The process of submitting the police check application is done, and you can now enjoy the services provided by them. Now, let’s have a look at the steps of form filling, which will completely guide you with the process.

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Step-1 In the first step, you have to fill in your name in the application form. You have to fill in all types of names that you have, which means with which your friends, family and all of your known call you. This is because, police want all types of records so that if you will be missing someday or will be in any problem, then it will be easy for them to reach you and save you from the situation.

 Step-2 After completing the application, you have to pay for it, which can be done with any source. You can use a visa, American express or mastercard to pay for the application. Police have all these options for payment, and it is upto you which one you want to use. If you are going for the manual method, then you can pay through cheque or cash, which one is suitable for you.

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They are giving you so many options because AFP is a government department, and it can accept any form of money, either it is online or a tangible piece of it. The one thing which should be kept in mind that you cannot pay the cheques of the company or personal account as it is restricted by them and they will not accept it.

Step-3 Along with these forms, you have to earn 100 points that will be submitted and the application. The Australian Federal Police has generated these 100 points tasks on their website, and you have to do that task and have to earn 100 points which is a major thing in the form submission. You will get a checklist, and you have to complete that by which you can earn points and submit it with your documents.

Step-4 This form is not applicable to people who are less than 18 years of age. Those people have to submit a note on which their parent consent will be written, and then they are eligible for this process.


Summing up all this, we have discussed the police check online and what are the fees structure and all the things to get services from them. Australian police have made it for the convenience of the people so that they can be safe sitting at their home and they can get protection from the police more easily. The fees structure and the process of enrolling have been discussed above; go through it.     

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