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Are You Looking For A Good Divorce Lawyer? What Should You Do?

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Due to my many years of work, experience and specialization as a specialist lawyer for family law, I represent you competently as a divorce lawyer in all areas of divorce law.
It is about your divorce and thus about setting the course for the future. As a divorce lawyer, choose a specialist lawyer for family law if you want to be represented by a lawyer who is familiar with the law relating to a divorce. Numerous changes in the law in recent years, e.g. in procedural law, maintenance law, pension equalization or accruals, have meant that even an experienced divorce attorney without appropriate training is no longer legally up to date.

What is the difference between a divorce attorney and a family law attorney?

The term divorce lawyer or divorce lawyer is initially only a colloquial term (and one that is often used in the press) for a lawyer who takes over or has taken over legal representation in divorce proceedings.
According to Right Lawyers, a divorce lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in divorces, which suggests that the lawyer has special competence, but in fact, almost any divorce lawyer can call himself a specialization in this sense without much experience.
It makes sense to choose a divorce lawyer from among lawyers who have specialized in family law, has sufficient experience, undergo regular training and work on your case personally, i.e. ideally a specialist lawyer for family law in Munich. It also makes sense to clarify in advance whether the lawyer will also take on matters relating to contact and custody matters. There are quite a number of lawyers who would be happy to take on your divorce (“We’ll do your divorce first”) as a divorce lawyer in Munich or elsewhere, but who then inform the client in the event of disputes in matters of parenthood that they don’t do anything like that. For comprehensive advice, at least in the context of potentially contentious divorce proceedings, it is therefore important to have hired a lawyer who is also well versed in matters relating to children or other ancillary matters.
With us, you are in good hands and we are at your service even if the divorce is in sight or not at all: Tel.: 702-914-0400

Who Needs a Divorce Lawyer?

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A lawyer is compulsory for the initiation of the divorce proceedings, ยง 114 paras. the application for divorce marriage can only be effectively submitted by a lawyer. In order to be able to file a divorce application with the family court, a lawyer or specialist lawyer for family law is therefore required.

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However, the obligation to have a lawyer only applies to the spouse who wants to file the application and conduct the divorce proceedings. The other spouse is not obliged to be represented by a lawyer if he or she wants to agree to the divorce. If he does not want to consent to the divorce or submit his own applications, for example for ancillary matters, the other spouse also needs to be represented by a lawyer.

If there are legal disputes, for example about separation maintenance, post-marital maintenance, gain or custody, each spouse should be represented by a lawyer.

How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

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That depends on the individual case. Divorce proceedings without ancillary matters are cheaper than divorce proceedings with additional disputes about, for example, alimony, accrued income, rights of access, or custody. Divorce, which is mutually agreed upon from the start, is, therefore, the cheapest variant of the divorce proceedings.

In principle, the costs for a lawyer are calculated according to the RVG (Lawyers’ Remuneration Act), which in turn is based on a procedural value that is determined by the court. The court does not differentiate between lawyers and specialist lawyers, so according to the law specialist lawyers are not more expensive than other lawyers, and the law also does not differentiate between other qualifications or, for example, duration of admission (experience) as a lawyer. A specialist lawyer for family law is therefore not more expensive than another lawyer but is also the right choice if the agreement ends before the divorce.

Lawyers are entitled to make fee agreements with you as a client. If the lawyer only wants to accept the mandate on the basis of such a fee agreement, there is a high probability that a higher fee than the statutory fee will be agreed. In any case, a lawyer is prohibited by law from charging less than the statutory fee in court proceedings.

The minimum costs of a divorce are legally binding

  • Attorneys’ Compensation Act and that
  • Law on court costs in family matters 

The costs of divorce proceedings are made up of the costs for the lawyer commissioned in each case and the court costs. The family court determines the procedural value intended as a calculation variable. Since it is also important whether allowances can be taken into account and whether subsequent matters are disputed, which may then also be compared, the costs for a divorce lawyer cannot be stated so easily. General information about this on the Internet should therefore be treated with caution.

As part of an initial consultation, however, I will be happy to inform you of the likely costs for a divorce lawyer and the court costs to be paid, based on the information you have received.

What is the Purpose of Your Divorce?

Divorce laws in most states allow for both no-fault and fault divorces. You do not have to establish that your spouse instigated the quarrel or separation in a no-fault divorce. Instead, you just recognize that you and your spouse are no longer compatible.

In a fault-based divorce, you must prove that your spouse was the one who brought the marriage to an end. Spousal abuse, infidelity, and abandonment are all common causes of fault divorce.

The underlying facts of a fault-based divorce may have an influence on numerous of your rights. Your claim to marital property, child custody, and financial support may be among them. An abusive husband, for example, may have trouble acquiring exclusive or primary custody of a kid.

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