Beds for Cats Can Keep Your Pet Cozier in Cold Weather


Cats love to sleep, and they find all kinds of places to do that. If you want to help your cat be even cozier, you can get them some new options for places to snuggle up. Particularly in cold weather, or if you like to keep your house cool, you want to ensure your cat has warm places to sleep. You can check their body temperature by seeing if their paws or ears are cold, which will give you a better idea of their feelings.

Beds Designed for Cats Are Great Choices

Finding the best cat beds for your pet can come with trial and error. You have to account for the size of your cat, how they like to sleep, and where you’ll put any beds you get them. You might even want to call them more than one bed so they can have different places to sleep around the house. Try putting a bed in your cat’s favorite place to rest, but give them a little time to get used to having something different there. They might need to be sure about the bed at first.

Blankets Work Well for Cuddling Up

Along with beds for your cats, you can use blankets to help your pet feel cozy. A soft blanket inside of your cat’s bed gives them an extra layer they can snuggle into, and that’s a good way for them to have more warmth and comfort. They’re much smaller than people so that they can get cold quickly. Even if you’re comfortable with the temperature in your home, your cat might find it chilly. But a good bed and blanket can improve their comfort level.

Your Cat May Want to Lie on You for Warmth

Cats often like to lie on or close to the people they love. If your cat is seeking out your lap or wants to lie up against you on the couch or in your bed, they could be cold. They may also just like being close to you since they see you as one of their family members. Providing them with a nearby bed can give them their own space while showing them that you want them to be close. Not only does that give them more of the warmth they need, but it can also add to their comfort and feelings of security.