Bikini Shopping Tips for Big Busted Women


Did you know that it takes 27 years to visit a new beach every day in Australia? Planning for your next beach-day means planning on your outfit. And what’s a better outfit than a comfy bikini?

If you’re more well-endowed on top, you need a bikini that is comfortable and supportive. There are many choices of bikini Australia has in the market, and this article will help you find the best fitting ones.

  1. Go for Number-Sized Bikinis 

Bra-sized swimwear means having the same cup size and band size as your intimate wear. You’ll be more familiar with estimating the fit.

The fit you’re aiming for is snug so that it fully supports your girls. If you’re somehow in between two sizes, opt for the smaller one. But only if it’s still relatively comfortable. 

For example, if you’re between a medium and large, check the comfort level of the medium. It shouldn’t be too tight as it will make you uncomfortable after a few hours. To check, you should be able to lift the straps about an inch to an inch and a half from your skin. The swimsuit must “hug” your body. You also want to make sure it won’t come off in the water.

  1. Aim for Underwire or Molded Tops

Underwire is essential for large busts, especially in bikinis. Designs with underwire or moulded cups provide the most support to your chest. If you don’t want a swimsuit that’s too bra-like, there are designs where the underwire is hidden, such as halter tops. Avoid ruffles or adornments on your bikini top if you want to lessen the focus on your chest.  

  1. Thicker Straps and Clasps

Sometimes tugging on the neck is uncomfortable and strenuous. Thick straps, however, give more support for your neck and back. The thicker the strap, the more support it provides. Ensure that the straps are adjustable so you can tighten your swimsuit as you wish.

For the back, clasps give more security than tiebacks.

  1. Bottoms

Colour blocks draw attention to where they are placed in a swimsuit. So, if you want your figure to have more traditional proportions, go for a coloured or patterned swim bottom. Ruched and frilly bikini bottoms give volume to the butt. To accentuate your long legs, pick high-waisted and side-tie styles. If you want more bottom coverage, try the athletic-looking boy shorts. This style also accentuates the thighs because of where they cut off.

Tips in Shopping

With numerous choices of bikini, Australia has in the market; shopping can be an overwhelming task. To help you with this problem, here are some tips:

  1. Try out 4 to 5 pieces at a time to really process the look and feel of the swimwear. 
  2. Be specific about the aspects of the swimsuit you think is not working for you. Too stretchy? Are you looking for a more conservative style? This will help you narrow down your choices in finding the best fit.
  3. If possible, move around when trying them out, to test how secure the swimwear is to your body.
  4. If you’re buying separates, try it with its pair especially if you intend to pair a new top with a swim bottom you already have.

There’s nothing like the confidence boost from a good-fitting bikini. Highlight your body with the right bikini. With many designers catering to D-cups and up, there will always be a suit for you.