Great teen birthday gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself

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What’s more fun than getting a present for your teen? Buying them with the help of this list will make their day, no matter what they want. Birthday gifts can be tricky sometimes–but not if you follow these top 10 ideas! Whether it’s tech or decorating needs that are driving home some new gear in-order to keep up on modern technology trends as well have something aesthetically pleasing at home (or school), navigate through this list of amazing birthday gifts teens will love.

1. Blanket Hoodie

The perfect way to stay warm and cozy on those cold nights! This blanket hoodie will keep you comfortably relaxed while lounging in front of the television, reading a good book or watching your favorite show. The soft Sherpa-like fabric is sure not only be stylish but also very snug against skin so it’ll make any night feel better as soon as its wrapped around you.

2. Prynt Instant Photo Prints iPhone

For the person who has everything, get them a Prynt Instant Photo Prints iPhone. It turns their phone into a printer and sticker machine with this fun gift that will make you seem like an excellent friend for giving it! They can watch photos print in seconds from where ever they are – all without ink being necessary as these speciality prints are made directly onto Zink Sticker paper which has peelable backing so when applied to anything ordinary (like walls!)

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera is a fun, colorful camera with automatic exposure measurements and modes to help you capture the perfect picture every time. Teens will love it’s bold colors and slim body that make taking pictures easy enough for anyone!

4. Kikkerland Bedside Caddy

Kikkerland Bedside Caddy will keep your room tidy. This piece of decor can hold magazines, phones and cords safe while you’re out sleeping or watching TV in peace! A great birthday gift for teens who need some extra organization help with their den space.

5. LED Word Clock

This clock will be the center of attention in their room, with its LED matrix displaying words that tell you what time it is all day long. Forget using numbers to convey this information; instead enjoy being able admire how cleverly designed and quirkily trivial these clocks really are!

6. BrookStone Sand Box

Brookstone’s Sandbox is the perfect way to bring back memories of when you were young, and it will be an excellent addition for any teen. This timeless piece features a natural wood design that ensures durability in your home. With its sculpting tool included so users can create masterpieces on their dining room table or anywhere else they wish!

7. Elements Photo Card Deck

This set of cards will teach your child about the world around them and some basic science while doing so. The pictures are vibrant enough that they can be used as decoration or for playing games, but also have explanatory text on their backs to help you learn more if needed!

8. Spigen Slim Armor iPhone Case with Card Slot Holder

With this Slim Armor iPhone Case from Spigen, you can keep your phone safe and sound while still having access to all of its features. The two-layer construction includes TPU on the outside for shock absorption as well as rigid PC so there’s no worry about damage if they drop it or bang into something hard! It also comes with a built in card holder that will fit up too three stored cards at once – perfect for carrying around money just in case an emergency happens on account of being unprepared beforehand

9. Tile Mate Key Finder

You don’t want your teenager to lose car or house keys, so it’s a good idea for them (and you) hang on tight! The Tile Mate Key Finder is an easy tracking device that will make sure no one goes missing. With this nifty little gizmo attached via your smartphone and the signal sent out by its built-in chip can be tracked at all times when in range–even through walls or around corners if necessary.

10. Mars by Crazybaby Wireless Floating Speaker

Mars is a sleek, modern looking device that has been designed to take your teen’s audio needs into the next dimension. This Bluetooth floating speaker will have them shaking off all perceptions of time and space with its powerful sound waves in any room or outdoor venue where there’s an internet connection! Outfitted only in stylish black and red color schemes it can be controlled remotely or manually via an app for Android users who want more control over their music experience – all while floating above ground level thanks wireless technology!

11. Gearonic Wooden Alarm Clock

Gearonic’s wooden alarm clock will improve any room you put it in with its sleek, modern design. It features a LED light that shines through the finish of their handcrafted pieces giving them an elegant look while also telling your date and time so discreetly yet prominently on display no one could ever miss seeing this masterpiece!

12. Yamaha Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha’s Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a cool looking, high quality instrument that offers incredible comfort and top fret access. It has specially designed bracing to maximize body resonance for an amazing sounding guitar with natural tone qualities! This product also comes equipped with under saddle piezo pickup so you can play it on stage or just at home without worrying about any feedback from other instruments sounding like they’re issuing orders as well–perfect if your music consists largely of quiet melodies because there won’t be much noise coming out when someone else performs their solo passage during one song highlight reel

13. The Brush Crate Makeup Brush Holder

This amazing brush holder will be the perfect gift for any artistic teen. It’s got 49 holes inside of it, enough space to hold everything from artist’s brushes and pencils all way down as make-up application tools!