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Here’s Why We All Should Shift to Sustainable Furniture

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Sustainable furniture is eco-friendly home pieces that are made with discarded woods, upcycled materials, or low-impact sources.

These pieces are manufactured with the intent of minimizing our environmental footprints. And to tell you honestly, sustainable furniture might be one of our best bets in saving the planet. That’s why it’s high time that we put these eco-friendly home pieces into the limelight.

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Several homeowners and other businesses have already taken the lead in integrating sustainable furniture into their lifestyle. And now’s probably the best time to follow.

Probably one of the reasons why people are still reluctant in buying sustainable furniture is that they think that these pieces are second grade since they are mostly made of revived materials.

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Don’t be too quick to judge. Sustainable furniture may not be made out of freshly cut quality timbers, but it can still be as durable and fashionable as oak and maple woods.

In this piece, we’re laying out only some of the reasons why you should jump on the sustainability bandwagon. If you’re looking to renovate your space or build a new one, hopefully, you’ll consider designing it with eco-friendly home pieces after reading this article.

1. Sustainable furniture reduces environmental footprints

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Any manufacturing company that’s into sustainable furniture must follow specific standards for their products to be labelled as sustainable. These standards are set to keep these companies in check whether they are adhering to the real intentions of making eco-friendly pieces. And that’s to minimise our negative impact on nature.

Below are the standards that the manufacturers must follow:

Materials must be sustainable

Like mentioned earlier, sustainable furniture can either be made out of upcycled materials, low-impact source, or discarded materials. And it must be kept that way.

Great examples of discarded materials that are normally used are boat ruins and excess woods from construction sites. Although they’re already old and scrappy, most manufacturers can breathe new life into these materials with a few sanding, curing and tinkering.

Once they are revived and turned into sleek furniture, you won’t notice their original look. You might even find yourself scoring a piece of furniture.

On the other hand, low-impact sources are natural materials that don’t require too much time and maintenance for them to grow. Bamboos are a great example. They grow fast and they are essentially durable that’s why they are one of the best materials for sustainable furniture.

The whole manufacturing processes must be eco-friendly, too

Manufacturing sustainable furniture entails not only using eco-friendly materials but also making sure that the whole process is sustainable, too.

Using sustainable materials is great. But if you’re burning tons of fuel just to make and transport the materials, one can say it’s not environmentally friendly at all.

They must be durable

Sustainable furniture must be made, stylish and durable. If they are durable enough, consumers can save a lot of money because they don’t have to buy new ones every now and then. It’s also advantageous to nature since household waste will be reduced if home pieces will last longer.

2. Sustainable furniture pieces are stylish and affordable

Sustainable pieces will not only give a second chance to reclaimed woods but also breathe new life into your home or office. From the finest range of desks to elegant tables, and durable cabinets, these pieces will certainly complete the style you’re gunning for.

What’s great about reclaimed woods is that the weathered parts can be preserved in the process. These marks are unique patterns that can enhance the style of the furniture itself.

They’re also much cheaper than most traditional furniture pieces. They can help you save a ton since they are durable and you don’t have to replace them every once in a while. 

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