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How Gemstone Is Useful In Astrology

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Gemstones have always been popular in ancient Indian and Vedic culture. They also played a massive role in our ancient spiritual studies. Gemstones are known to build the aura of positive energy around you. This positive aura can be very beneficial when it comes to work-life, concentration, health, productivity focus, and everything good for your life. When used correctly, gemstones can even help to overcome the upcoming barriers and difficulties in your life. This is achieved when the gemstones are worn according to astrology; such gemstones are called astrological gemstones.

Centuries ago, gemstones could only be accessed by the elite class, who could afford to consult an astrologer, but with the introduction of modern techniques and information to the world, nowadays, everyone can buy gemstones and reap the benefits of their power. If gemstones are worn according to your zodiac signs and position, you can direct your life and actions towards your goals. These Zodiac stones are only worn according to your astrology; you must know better about each and every gemstone’s good and bad effects to be able to get the benefits of them better.

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As per Vedic astrology, there are nine main gemstones that correspond to the properties of the nine planets in our solar system. These planets refer to different characteristics of a human being, so gemstones can also be worn according to one’s characteristics, let us now explore some of the popular gemstones in brief but with the right amount of detail. In this article, we will also be talking about how to check gemstones for authenticity and how to buy the best gemstones online.

Gemstones that are useful in astrology

Here is a list of gemstones most commonly used in astrology and are recommended by almost every astrologer worldwide.


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Ruby is the most expensive but widely used gemstone in gemstone jewelry. This gemstone is known to bestow power and prestige to the wearer. This gemstone emits red cosmic rays and infrared radiations which helps the user earn high honor in society. It also helps in curing headaches, stomach ailments, and eyesight problems especially. Ruby can be worn by artists, sculptors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and people in prestigious fields for their betterment.


This gemstone is known for its healing properties. This gemstone comes in a bright red colour, and there are other clearer varieties of this gemstone available. When Coral is worn as gemstone jewelry, in gold, it can cure several ailments such as Chickenpox, impotency, fistula, etc. Its bright red colour, similar to that of the human blood, greatly helps in curing blood-related diseases and ailments.


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Diamond is a gemstone that is known for its lustre, rareness, and properties. Diamonds are loved by everyone who likes to wear gemstone jewelry. But getting a diamond is not what a lot of people can afford. Diamonds are costly. Wearers of this gemstone tend to be more rational, mature, and upright in their approach towards everything, and so they are praised by everyone for this. The wearer must take due care of their ego and should not be extra critical towards everything.

Cat’s eye

This gemstone is known for removing hindrances caused by Ketu in your stars, Ketu can be a significant reason for the loss of reputation and the increasing amount of enemies. This gemstone looks more like a neem fruit with a touch of lustre in the centre; there are other colours available for this gemstone. This gemstone should especially be worn by politicians and people who want to gain more success in jobs or positions related to public services.


Pearl is yet another beautiful white gemstone that is widely worn in gemstone jewelry. Just like white is the colour of peace, the pearl is known to bring peace and harmony to your life by cutting all the tension causing the energy in your life. This gemstone helps to keep the married life good and happy if it is worn around the neck by ladies.


Students and pregnant women in general widely wear this precious green coloured gemstone. The green colour helps in absorbing cold green radiations which lets the wearer have perfect control over intestinal and nervous functions. This gemstone is recommended to people in business, printers, publishers, dealers of scientific instruments, and everyone working in related fields. It is helpful to students since it helps to increase the IQ and forbid problems in recalling.

Yellow sapphire

As the name suggests, yellow sapphire is a very expensive bright yellow-coloured stone that is generally worn by the prosperous and rich class since it helps them keep their truthfulness, social status, and piety up. It also brings economic prosperity to the wearer. This gemstone is recommended to couples who are desiring a child.


This gemstone helps you to fight against the evil Rahu Dasha in your stars. This gemstone is particularly good for people who are into legal services, such as legal practitioners, high court judges, advocates, tax lawyers. This also helps to defeat your enemies and makes them fail in any plots they set up for you. This gemstone is great for professional success as it lends you an upper hand against competitors.

Blue emerald

Blue is the colour of calm, and it is also the favourite colour of Lord Shiva. This is the gemstone for calm and fierce people. This gemstone helps you to maintain your calmness in everything. If you are particularly short-tempered, you must wear this in your gemstone jewelry. 

How to buy gemstones online?

To buy the best gemstones online, you must first know a bit about the characteristics of the gemstone you are going to buy. You should also know if there is any certification for the gem you are going to buy. Most of the popular sellers of gemstones online offer certified gems from various gem testing labs in India. The more clear is a gemstone, the more is the price, so if you are getting a very clear gemstone for an exceptionally low price then beware. Monitor the inside of a gemstone closely- cheap counterfeits have mirrors enforced between them for an increased amount of clarity. To buy authentic gemstones you can surf trusted online gemstone portals such as GemPundit and other similar plarforms.


This was all for our article on how gemstones are useful in astrology. Just make sure you consult a good astrologer before getting any gemstone for you. We hope you liked the article. Please share this with everyone. Adios!

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