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How to turn 20$ into 200$ passive income?

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I used to work hard for my money. I had a job that required me to wake up early, go out of the house and spend the whole day at work. And then when I came back home, I still needed to do all the household chores before going to bed in order not to feel exhausted during the next day at work again. It was exhausting even just thinking about it! But one day, everything changed…

Hi, I’m James. I recently found out how to turn 20$ in 200$ monthly passive income without any extra effort! 

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I started by looking for online courses that taught a skill or trade that would be valuable to others and then selling what I learned from those courses on the internet. It took me about two weeks of research before finally finding an idea worth pursuing – teaching people how to start their own blog as a side hustle! This blog post is all about exactly how you can do the same thing too, so read on…

Turn 20$ into 200$ passive income.

This blog post is all about how to turn 20$ into 200$ monthly passive income. If you’re like me, then at the end of every month when those bills and expenses come in, it feels like a huge weight on your shoulders – but one day everything changed for me! I found out that there was an opportunity to make money online without spending any time or effort making it happen. This blog post will show you exactly what I did to start generating those $200 per month passively with just 20$.

Research on passive income begins.

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I started by doing research on platforms that could provide this service and ended up using a site called ‘Fiverr’, ‘Upwork’, Freelancer, and dozen of online marketplaces.

I then created my first listing which was an offer to draw the logo of your business for $20. I spent about 20 minutes creating it, but as soon as I posted it someone bought it! Now all I had to do is wait (about 24 hours) until they paid me via Paypal. It’s important not to try and rush things because you want them coming back when you have more than one item listed – remember everything takes patience in life if you really want something good.

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This process can be replicated over and over again with any skill or products/services available online from graphic design, photography, blog writing, or even dog walking.

“Man, I am so excited! I finally found something that I really like to do for a living and it pays me well. My first day was amazing and I had already earned 20$.” but am still far from getting passive income.

I also used a site called Skillshare to offer some of my skills and knowledge for free in the hopes that someone would want them so I could show off more of what I can do; I ended up making about $200 per month from people taking me up on this opportunity! Of course, it took time but if you are willing to put in consistent work anyone is capable of this whether they have money or not.

Reinvesting $20 in blogging

It cost $8 dollars for my domain name: “” and I had planned on buying hosting–which would add another $12 per year but that could be reinvested in other subjects like SEO or learning how to use Google Search Engine more efficiently.

So day one was 8$ + 12$, which will equal 20$. That’s not too bad! It costs less than Starbucks every single month, after all! And if you think about it, blogging has the potential to grow into something much bigger…if you do work in the right direction. And if you don’t, it can become an endless pit of money.

Now started doing blog design. I used WordPress CMS. It’s free!

I don’t know how to do design and I’m not the kind of person who wants to spend their time doing it.

But if you’re like me, then this is for you too–you can just use your creativity or find inspiration from someone else on Google Images and tweak things as needed.

As soon I got done with my blog design, I made a blog page with an example of what my design looks like, and I put up some social media buttons. That way people can follow me on Facebook if they want to keep in touch outside the blog!

i am using the Yoast SEO plugin on my blog.

learned about SEO techniques and tools and how to use AdSense, which is a Google product for monetizing your blog.

If you want more information about what the Yoast SEO plugin does or how to use AdSense, please visit one of these sites below! You should be able to find something there related to blogging/blogging techniques & tools as well.

you have to pay for these out of pocket but if they get clicked onto your site, then you get paid!

also learned about affiliate marketing–I got started with Amazon Associates, which I’m really excited about because it’s such an easy way for people who don’t know much about advertising (like me!) to begin earning some money from their sites just by adding links that send potential customers over into the store. There are other programs like this too:

Utlization and execution

Now I’ve learned lots of things in 30 days, it’s time to utilize all learning and experience. 

It’s been a month since I’ve put my life on hold, and it feels great. I’m going back to work tomorrow, but for the past 30 days, I have learned things like

Buying a domain name.

Setup DNS ( domain name server).

Use Cloudflare for better speed and security.

Website hosting on the server.

A Record Setup for domain pointing to server IP.

Yoast SEO

WordPress Installation.

WordPress Theme setup.

WordPress Security setup.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tools like ,






Screaming Forg

Seach Console

Google Analytcis

Clarity ( Heat map analysis tool )

Google Adsence

Now everything is ready and I just required to do my research on blog topic ideas and write a detailed article on that.

This is a great way to start generating money online without any extra efforts other than researching topic ideas and writing articles about them!

The best thing about starting your own blog as an affiliate marketer is that you can find products that are not popular yet but have the potential for growth.

Started writing my first article on ,

Topic Idea :

My first blog post will be about the best VPN service providers. I am not a big fan of them but people needs to know what they are using and how it works because if you don’t, someone might hack your device or steal your data. And that is why this topic makes sense for me to write one as an affiliate marketer!

I have agreed with my editor in terms of payment plan which means I can get 100% money from every sale only when people buy at least monthly package which cost $99/yearly . This way I will earn more money than usual 30-35%. But sometimes they keep up this rule due some promotions like “buy yearly” and that is why I am happy about it.

I also wanted to add a bonus to my blog post which will be free VPN software for Windows OS so you can protect your device in some way or another if you are not using any service from the list below. But this one does not cost anything and it’s up-to-date with 2021 releases – according to mine research, of course!

but it’s very time-consuming and I ended up spending 15 hours daily on writing articles.

It’s hard to make a decision but I’ve to continue writing until I’m not getting a better solution for faster writing.

I can still work on my blog and enjoy all of these benefits at once!

I published this week’s 30 articles and now have 2800 views from 18 different countries–and counting!–in only one week. It’s been really exciting for me because this is something that has never happened before (this exposure). So far there are 120 followers as well, which kind of blows my mind considering how small-time I am right now.

This is all due to putting myself out there by writing about blogging instead of walking away from it…so who knows where we’ll go next?

Getting frustrated with too much work on article writing

I was feeling this way too and I’ve to continue writing until I’m not getting a better solution for faster writing.

Now taken and break and started looking for some Virtual assistance for writing.

after a lot of research and test, I founded Jarvis AI assistance.

It’s an AI assistant and a virtual writer.

This is the best solution for those who are lazy like me but do not want to compromise on the quality of writing.

I am using Jarvis assistance currently to write this article for you guys and I have enjoyed it so far as I don’t need to spend too much time in drafting an article.

I can go back to other projects which will generate more income if done continuously or else nothing happens there also (no money).

Jarvis AI has a teaching intelligence algorithm that helps user with speed up their work without compromising on its quality level. It learns from your preferences automatically and uses them while composing new content about anything related to what we wrote earlier according This post was written by Jarvis.

This is awesome way to writing articles without spending too much time on this.

Jarvis is the first AI assistant for writing which creates new articles automatically from your previous writings and it has many more features that will make you a professional content writer in no time at all!

This post was written by Jarvis. This is an awesome way to writing articles without spending too much time on this.

I feel as though I am close to a big accomplishment, and it feels great.

This week I’ve published 100 articles, 3X+ compare to last week and now have 10800 views from 25 different countries–and counting!–in only one week.

This week have done only 8 hours/day work on writing with Jarvis –but I’ve done it.

All this happened in only 7 days after starting with Jarvis, which gave me a lot more time than most people who try to build a passive income online by writing articles ever get. What amazes me the most is how simple everything can be if you just believe in yourself.”

In fact, I started with just 20$ and was able to create 200$+ monthly in passive income without doing anything extra!

I always wanted a better life. My goal was to have passive income of 200$/month, and that’s just what I did!

Here’s how it all happened…

i have published 130 articles in the last 2 weeks and get over 13000+ users on my blog.

I will share with you what I did to create a sustainable stream of traffic that brought me $200+/month passively! It’s all about believing in yourself.”

All 130 articles are well researched written and most of them contain affiliate links also I signed up for Google AdSense and now I can make money while blogging. It’s kind of like getting paid to blog.

At end of the second month, i got paid 50$ from google Adsense and 65 $ from affiliates. also, i got 85$ earning by doing a sponsored post on my blog.

So, all in all, for the last two months I made around $200.

Now that I have stopped doing a daily new article, I started learning new things. Things like how to make passive income from the internet. Now with this new knowledge, it seems like there’s potential for even more money to be made and less time wasted on my workday!

I had been looking for a way to make money without having to do anything. I heard about this one guy that made $500,000 from an article he wrote and it inspired me. 

I wanted to be able to do the same.

At first it seemed like nothing was happening, but then gradually as more time passed by things started picking up. The feeling of being on top of the world is something indescribable. Once you start making these passive income streams they’re almost impossible to stop or stop growing because there are no limits with them (unless your website goes down).

All you have to do a better plan for the future.

What does passive income mean?

Passive Income means when your online business generates revenue without any extra efforts like creating content, posting ads, participating with social media etc. You need only invest initial time once into building the service/product page – then let your computer handle everything else.

Steps to take for passive income:

-Find a niche that interests you and has a lot of demand. Then find an undervalued service or product with the potential to make money, such as Skillshare (I use it myself). A good place to start is by doing keyword research on Google Trend- type in your topic and see what people are searching for.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles. I love writing, and it is a great way to make some money at the same time.

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