Moissanite — what kind of stone is it and how is it better than a diamond

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Moissanite is an unusual mineral discovered by G. Moissan in 1893. And the researcher managed to find this stone in the crater of a meteorite that fell about 50,000 years ago in the Arizona desert. In space, moissanite is contained in dust clouds formed from carbon. And there is quite a lot of it there, which cannot be said about the Earth.

Chemical and physical properties of moissanite

By its composition, moissanite is silicon carbide. It seems so simple. However, the mineral has external data and physicochemical properties almost similar to diamonds. And this is its peculiarity and merit. Its reserves in nature are small, or more simply, scanty. Therefore, the stone was learned to grow synthetically, and it has been working well since the 1980s.

Moissanite is obtained from grown crystals of silicon carbide – SiC. At first, grayish-green stones and pale yellow ones were produced. Subsequently, samples of blue and even black shades appeared, and now synthetic stones can be of any color.

Moissanite surpasses even a diamond in radiance, brilliance, and glow. The stone is often called an imitation of a diamond, and the best. But the properties of moissanite, nevertheless, differ from diamond, although it can be proved in a laboratory equipped with special devices. For example, moissanite has a higher dispersion than diamonds, and therefore literally plays and shimmers in its brilliance and glow. The dispersion of moissanite is 0.104, that of diamonds is 0.044. The hardness of the stone is less than that of a diamond. According to the Mohs scale, the hardness of moissanite is 9.25, that of a diamond is 10 units.

Jewelry with moissanite

As already mentioned, moissanite is a rare phenomenon in nature, so only synthetic moissanite is used in jewelry. The beauty of the stone, its simple care, and its affordable price make it a popular and favorite stone among fans of jewelry art. Moissanite is superior to the diamond in some ways.

Colorless moissanite is more often used in jewelry, which creates maximum similarity with diamonds, although the color of moissanite can be obtained almost any.

The best moissanite is supplied by the American company Charles & Colvard. These stones have a unique luster and purity.


Since moissanite has a high hardness, it is used for rings, moreover, of large sizes. Perfect transparency, dazzling radiance, and sparkle delight customers. And another feature of moissanite is that during operation the stone does not change color and is not subject to mechanical damage. It will sparkle and delight you for many years. Moissanite rings you can see here


Earrings with moissanite are a luxurious gift. For this stone, a wonderful setting is a gold and silver. Pendants for earrings can be of various sizes, because moissanite is a synthetic stone, and therefore there will be no restrictions in size and shape.


Bracelets with moissanite will not leave anyone indifferent. It can be said that “breathtaking” from the splendor of such products. Here, as well as in pendants, the sizes of stones can be any.


Analog stones are ideal if you need to attend a crowded event. Many celebrities wear jewelry with analogs in such cases, since they are not sorry in case of theft or loss, and even a specialist does not recognize a fake on the move. Diamonds, on the other hand, remain a way of investing, saving savings, they are kept under lock and key and worn in exceptional cases.