Thursday, June 24, 2021

Monica Geller’s Outfits: Ideas for Your Next Date Night or Girls’ Night

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You’ve finally done it! You and your partner are officially dating. Now what? What should you wear on your next date night or girls’ night out with the group? We have all watched Friends, so we know Monica Geller’s style is timeless.

Check out these outfit ideas from her to steal for your next big event!

  • Monica Geller’s blue denim shirt and jeans along with pair of white sneakers are perfect for a casual date.
  • No matter what you do on your date, it’s always nice to dress up a bit for the occasion. For an upscale dinner and movie night with your partner, consider wearing something like Monica Geller wore in “The One With The Embryos.” A pair of black pants or jeans paired with a navy blue blazer is perfect for this event. Add some sparkle by accessorizing with gold jewelry pieces such as dangling earrings or stacked bracelets! Throw on some strappy heels (perhaps brown ones) and top off your outfit with a small clutch purse. You can’t go wrong if you’re dressed comfortably but looking chic at the same time.
  • Monica knows how to have a good time! Whether you’re hitting the dance floor, grabbing some food from your favorite takeout joint on the way back to someone’s place, or just hanging out at home watching movies and eating snacks – Monica has got it going on. Regardless of what type of party night is in store for her friends, she always looks ready for anything with her hair styled nicely (usually up), wearing all black attire including dress pants paired with a sleek blazer, and she’s often seen with one of her signature oversized earrings.
  • Whether it’s a special occasion or just another night out on the town – Monica always looks good! If you’re trying to impress your date, take some tips from Monica Geller and wear something that is both flattering and stylish (in other words find an outfit that makes them happy!). One way to do this? Wear cute heels in neutral colors like nude or black paired with a dress or skirt of any color combination. Finish off your look by wearing jewelry such as dangly earrings or bracelets. Now all you need is someone wonderful to go on a date with.
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It’s easy for most people to find inspiration in what Monica wears, which is a good thing because she always seems to have one of two signature looks- dress pants paired with either an oversized blazer or suit jacket (and these days it’s more often than not in floral prints), and dresses that are usually patterned skirts paired with colorful tops. The interesting thing about her style is how well put together everything looks! This can be attributed to wearing both statement pieces like earrings and distinctive colors such as reds and blacks while also balancing out any bolder details by pairing them with simpler shoes, sweaters, belts, etc.

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