Solitaire Engagement Ring. When a Dream Becomes a Reality

baylee gramling FOwYSRlL Bk unsplash
baylee gramling FOwYSRlL Bk unsplash

Looking for a way to top your fantastic proposal? Consider purchasing a coveted solitaire ring. 

Original solitaire engagement rings flaunts a single round diamond encompassed by prongs on a plain metal band of white or yellow gold. You’ve probably seen it in romantic movies, in intrusive advertisements and on your friend’s hand. 

However, jewellery has evolved over the years, and solitaire now refers more to the style than a setting. The modern variant can be made of rose gold, platinum or even titanium and feature different bands and unconventional diamond shapes. 

Despite all the improvements, solitaire rings remain number one in the world because ‘’diamond matters.’’

Here’s Why You Would Fall in Love with Solitaire Engagement Ring:

Classic appeal. If you aren’t exactly sure of your better half’s tastes, solitaire will put you on firm ground. With a timeless option that speaks to every woman, you can’t go wrong. 

Minimalist design. The motto of this century is: to shorten, to simplify. And solitaire’s style embodies this principle the best. One perfect diamond and one elegant band – it’s rather symbolic how they complement each other without the distracting elements.

Easy maintenance. All you need to care for your ring is a soft toothbrush: fewer crannies and nooks – fewer troubles and no chance for the dirt to get in. Solitaire engagement bands are a neat pick for women with busy schedules or those who work with their hands. 

Availability on the market. Solitaires can be found on every corner. You don’t have to visit countless stores or scroll through numerous websites to buy a band to your liking. By the way, check out the awesome GS Diamonds solitaire rings collection crafted to take your breath away.

Excellent pairing. A solitaire ring combines well with vintage-inspired, contemporary, split and twisty bands. 

High placement. Many couples do not know that solitaire has a raised setting. Thanks to it, the diamond pops with all the colours and attracts enviable gazes.

Upgrade whenever you feel like it. With solitaire, you can enhance the look at any moment by adding side stones. Many brides use solitaire’s thin shank as the foundation for the three-ring ensemble. Such stacking bands have been gaining extreme popularity in the past few months. 

A couple of Things to Consider Before the Purchase:

Hefty tag. For the stone to shine to its fullest, it has to be of significant size. So you might have to go for a higher carat which triples the price. One large diamond often costs more than twenty smaller ones of the same weight. To lessen the blow on your budget, you can sacrifice the customary round shape and go for an alternative one or get lower colour and clarity grades. 

Prongs looseness. Since prongs hold the diamond, it’s natural for them to loosen over time. So we recommend bringing your ring to a jeweller once a year for an inspection. 

Cookie-cutter band. Solitaires are produced on a great scale and won’t dazzle your special one with their uniqueness. 

The danger for fabrics. Because of the high setting, solitaire engagement rings snag easily on clothes. 

To sum it up, solitaires are a first-class choice if your partner appreciates stylish and everlasting tokens of love.