Sun and Moon Signs: What are they and what are their differences

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Even if you are someone who is not into astrology or someone who never skimmed the daily horoscope section of your subscribed newspaper, it is unlikely that you have not heard about zodiac signs. You might also be aware of your Sun sign and perhaps know a few common traits associated with your sign. When we say zodiac sign, we usually refer to your Sun sign and it is the most common element used to make general predictions about your future and how your personality is perceived to be. Different zodiac signs have different strengths, and you can also help your relationships by following your birth chart to know the best astrological sign that is compatible with you.

However, it is quite uncommon for most people to know what a moon sign is or the significance that it holds, let alone knowing what moon sign they belong to. In this post, we will try to give you a general idea of what the Sun sign and Moon sign is, how they are connected to the native (you), and what significance do these hold.

Sun sign

Your sun sign represents the zodiac sign which was aligned with the position of the Sun during the time of your birth. The terms “zodiac sign” and “sun sign” are often used interchangeably by pundits and enthusiasts alike. Your sun sign determines your personality and your traits along with the way you talk and even think. You can think of it as the sign that drives most of your actions.

Fun fact: Your natal chart, or birth chart, is a snapshot captured in the cosmos at the exact time of your birth. This chart contains the information of the positions held by the Sun, the Moon, all the planets as well as Rahu and Ketu (the shadow planets). While the Sun is the strongest influencer in your life, the other heavenly bodies play their parts in moulding you as well. A top astrologer uses all these to offer you an accurate prediction of your future and your tendencies.

Moon sign

The position of the Moon during the time of your birth determines your Moon sign. Ever wondered why you can’t relate to your daily horoscope readings while all your friends find theirs to be accurate? It is possible that other heavenly bodies and signs have a strong pull on you which dictates something entirely different. Your moon sign, among all these heavenly bodies, plays a significant role in the way you react and think. Your emotions are primarily driven by your Moon sign rather than your Sun sign.

Astrologers often associate your Sun sign with your outer mood and your Moon sign with your inner mood. You can think of it this way: The sun is a powerful source of energy that dictates how you usually behave and all the traits that are generally associated with you. However, the sun cannot maintain its grip over you at all times. The moon, lurking in the dark, has substantial control over you. Your mood and emotions which often change in degree and form is representative of the moon’s ever-changing nature in its appearance, both in shape and luminosity.

You must remember these roles that your Moon sign plays in your life to make the most out of astrological predictions. To learn more, you can check our online prediction section. If you want to learn all about your natal chart, you can check our online kundali generator which offers accurate and free kundali reports. However, we always recommend that you talk to an astrologer if you require specific advice and the most precise predictions.