The Coolest Haircuts For Men With Different Hair Types

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As the number of haircuts for men has been growing exponentially, finding the option that works for you best may take ages. Men’s cuts range not only in the style and length but also in the ambiance they suit and even the message they deliver. No matter whether you are looking for a short cut or long, for straight hair or curly, you are sure to find it here. In the collection below, we have put together the most fashionable men’s haircuts of late. 

The Most Complimentary Men Haircuts For Every Hair Type

Haircuts for men are a great way to bring a welcome change to their look. So, no wonder that there are so many of them existing nowadays, which you can see for yourself by visiting our website MensHaircuts. For your convenience, we have selected the most stylish cuts for various types of hair and listed them below. 

A Razor Cut Hard Part

To create a sharp and bold look, you do not always have to resort to drastic measures. Adding such a subtle but impactful detail as a hard part can make a world of difference to your haircut. You can get it either razor cut or trimmed, which generally depends on the skill level of your barber. However, take care to visit them for upkeep regularly, as it will grow out pretty fast.

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A Side Part

A little less edgy than a hard part, a side part is a low key yet surefire way to add definition and emphasis to your haircut. Apart from being easy to get and maintain, it can also accompany any hairstyle and works for almost all hair types. Finally, it suits any ambiance, from casual to formal. So, if you are headed to a meeting with friends after work, then you can rest assured that your hair will look appropriate.

A Short Pomp

As claimed by MensHaircuts, the pompadour is one of those timeless haircuts that will never lose their relevance. It is elegant, tasteful and neat. Yet, to give it a modern air, opt for a shorter version of the haircut. It also pairs nicely with other trendy male haircuts on the sides and back, such as a fade, an undercut or a taper. 

A Quiff

If you think that a quiff has sunk into oblivion, we are here to prove you wrong. This popular men’s haircut is still considered one of the trendiest. And it could not have been otherwise, given how stylish and classy it looks. What is more, it suits every type of hair. So, no matter whether you have straight locks or curly, you are welcome to go for a quiff of any length.

A French Crop

A French crop is currently making its way back into fashion and we cannot be any happier about it. This textured and well outlined haircut is extremely distinct, so you will not confuse it with any other. On top of that, regardless of the hair type you have, you can rest assured that it will look absolutely amazing on you.

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A Buzz Cut

With a buzz cut haircut, you can never go wrong. As it comes out neat and clean, it is a perfect way for guys with kinky or thick hair to tame their tresses. And on the contrary, if your hair has started to get thinner, buzzing it all off will help you to disguise it. Also, because it is extremely short, it completely exposes all of your facial features. So, get ready to be in the spotlight wherever you go.

A Top Knot

As long hair is becoming more popular among guys, the need for new long haircuts for men is rising as well. A top knot allows you to take your hair away from your face whenever it disturbs you without chopping it off. In addition, thanks to shortly trimmed sides and back, it does not take you much effort to make your long top the focal point of the look. 

Hopefully, our selection of the trendiest haircuts for men has helped you to find a look that you will want to make your signature. Short or long, reserved or bold, straight or curly, there is an option for literally every preference and taste. And once you get bored with your current haircut, you are welcome to get back to our collection for another dose of inspiration.