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The most complete line of Radios Intrinsecamente Seguros

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we offer so-called intrinsically safe radio Intrinsecamente Seguros. The word intrinsically means internally, that is, they are equipment that is designed inside to offer the security of not generating spark or static, to avoid ignition in flammable environments or explosive atmosphere, where the equipment is operating. They are considered susceptible environments or explosive atmosphere to the mixture with air, under normal atmospheric conditions, of flammable substances in the form of gases, vapors, mists or powders, in which, after ignition, the combustion spreads to the whole of the mixture not burned. With the intrinsically safe equipment that we offer at, you can have communication in places where there is a risk of explosion.

It is important to know that in a portable radio communications equipment considered intrinsically safe, all its parts must comply with this modality. Essentially the case and the battery. Likewise, if accessories such as hands-free are added, they must also comply with that standard. It should be noted that when an intrinsically safe radio breaks down and requires repair, it must be sent to a laboratory that has the FM or EX standard, so that when the equipment is returned to the end user, it arrives with the certificate that the radio was opened and repaired. but it retains the intrinsically safe feature.

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Because the word intrinsically safe is found in Spanish and because the standard is North American, it is called in English in two ways: Intrinsically Safe and Factory Mutual Approved and its acronyms are: (FM). In the same way for the battery, the standard is called in Spanish, Canadian Association for Standardization and in English Canadian Standard Association (CSA) and their respective logos are the following:

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