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We believe in the second coming of Christ. His get back from paradise will be close to home, noticeable and brilliant, a favored expecting which we ought to continually watch and pray.

Before He builds up His realm on earth, Jesus will come for His Church, an occasion normally alluded to as the “Bliss.” around then the dead in Christ will be raised and living Christians will be up to speed to meet the Lord noticeable all around and be with Him forever. In this revival, the individuals who have kicked the bucket in Christ will have their reclaimed spirits and spirits joined with a body like Christ’s celebrated body. Christians living at the hour of this occasion won’t kick the bucket, however, will be changed to resemble Christ. This assumption is an inspiration for blessed living, just as a wellspring of comfort. No man knows the day or the hour when this will take place.

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After the Rapture of the Church, Christians will be brought before the judgment seat of Christ. He will remunerate them based on the works they have accomplished. This isn’t a judgment to decide their salvation yet compensation for work on Christ’s behalf. The Rapture will likewise initiate a period that the Bible describes as the “incredible day of His rage,” “the extraordinary affliction” and the “hour of Jacob’s trouble.” This season of uncommon trouble will influence Israel and all countries. Its motivation will be to get ready Israel for her Messiah.

Toward the finish of the Tribulation, Jesus Christ will get back with the hosts of paradise just as the Church to set up the Messianic Kingdom on earth. His Kingdom will keep going for 1,000 years. At this Second Coming, the Antichrist will be projected into the Lake of Fire and Satan will be headed for a very long time. The countries and their delegates will be judged. Israel will be reestablished to her territory, never more to be removed. Christ will rule with immovability and equity. His realm will be set apart by material and otherworldly gift, since the revile upon the earth will be removed.

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The Messianic realm will close with abandonment and rebellion. God will pulverize this uprising in the last clash of the ages and Satan will be tossed into the pool of fire. All the individuals who dismissed the Word of God will be resurrected. They will be decided by Christ and cast into the pool of fire, where they will endure last and never-ending punishment.

After this judgment there will be another paradise and another earth, where honorableness is the norm. There will be another Jerusalem and the never-ending presence of God among all the redeemed.

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