Tips on Looking Less Tired for Men

Less Tired

The best way to look less tired is to actually be less tired. But balancing work, life, and family leaver very little time for actual rest. Most of us can only dream about regular and high-quality eight hours of sleep. Not to mention keeping a proper diet which is downright impossible. There just simply isn’t enough time to do it all.

Luckily these tips for men can help you look less tired.


We all know what are pecks, delts, biceps, and so on. But do you know what are arrector pili muscles? When tired your skin looks downright saggy and drooping. When exposed to cold these tiny muscles contract making your hairs stand on end. But they also make your skin look firmer and less tired.

Ice cold splash in the morning is a sure way to chase sleep from your ice and make your skin look less tired. Some people go as far as to use ice baths, you submerge your face in a basin filled with cold water and ice. But that can be too much of a hustle in the morning.


Just splashing your face with cold water every morning is not enough. Your skin looks tired and sad because of the accumulation of dead skin cells. The accumulated sebum in your pores, even if they are not clogged, can make your face look grayish and tired. The proper word for removing dead skin cells and sebum is exfoliation, and you should do it every morning.

There are as many ways to exfoliate as there are to skin a cat, and you should use one that fits your needs and routine. Just a little bit of care will dramatically change the appearance of your skin.


Toning your skins means using some product to shrink your pores. This is a necessity for people who suffer from acne or oily skin. But opened pores are also caused by tiredness. There are many on the market, with many ingredients promising instant results. But you should go with one that contains witch hazel, or go home. Witch hazel extract is a tried and true means of closing pores.

Toning your skin will have an additional benefit, no ingrown hairs. Hairs can become ingrown only if they can get stuck into a pore, if the pore is closed they can’t get stuck in.


Your eyelids are very thin, and they are filled with very tiny blood vessels and there is a lot of them. When you are tired, slept not enough, or even overslept; your circulatory system will give primacy to your major organs when it comes to supplying them with oxygenated blood. So your skin will be left with less originated blood.

This is what makes your veins look blue and also why the area around your eyes looks black. Caffeine and seaweed extracts contract the tiny blood vessels in your eyelids, thus making blood less visible through the thin skin around your eyes. Under-eye cream with it is a must.


Dry skin looks dull, and lack of sleep and proper hydration will lead to skin becoming dry and sad looking. Besides taking enough fluids, you should provide hydration to your skin too.

Being tired is something no one can avoid. That’s life, working long hours, not getting enough sleep, running in circles the whole time. But what you can do is to look less tired, and it will actually make feel better about yourself, and easier to get through a day.