Top 5 Fun Activities to Do if You’re in Palm Cove


Palm Cove is one of Tropical North Queensland’s best attractions. It’s ideally located along the coastline of the region where century-old trees are found. This is also where the cool winds and calming sounds of the waves from the sea meet.

Undoubtedly, Palm Cove is a piece of heaven disguised as a sleepy village. But despite its relaxing environment that can lull you into sleep anytime, Palm Cove is no stranger to fun.

In fact, there are a ton of fun activities you can enjoy at Palm Cove. Whether you’re flying solo, wandering with hubby, or travelling with family or squad, you can have fun and have the most memorable stay in Palm Cove.

Because there are so many things that you can include on your to-do list, we just whittled them down to a top five:

1. Swim Underwater at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is just a stone throw away from Palm Cove. So if you’re in the area, why not take the chance to go for a dive? Colourful marine life and gorgeous corals await you at the Reef so make sure to bring your gears and underwater cameras!

Don’t worry, a tour package is available at the Cove so a dedicated boat will bring you to the activity platform. And from there, you can do whatever you want. Go kayaking, snorkeling, or even diving!

2. Immerse Yourself in the Wild

Meet some of Australia’s rarest furry and feathery icons from the wild!

If you haven’t seen a koala ever in your life, now’s the best chance to visit the Koala Gardens. Here, not only will you be able to see these furry icons up close and personal, but you can actually hold them, pat them, or even take selfies with them! Just bring your phones and ask the staff nicely for a snap.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a bird lover, then the Birdworld Kuranda is the perfect place for you. It’s home for more than 60 species of birds that fly freely above you. Just watch out for cheeky birds as they try to land on your shoulders.

3. Loosen up at the Reef House

Participating in all the day tours can be very tedious. There’s a lot of walking and swimming. So after spending the whole day under the sun, you can relax at the Reef House. It’s a luxurious accommodation in Palm Cove where you can loosen up a bit or totally rest for the night.

You can also try their award-winning spa services! Their rejuvenating massage will certainly get rid of all the tensions on your muscles, relax your whole body and mind, and will revitalize your energy for the next day’s bucket list!

4. Get the Adrenaline Rush

Palm Cove’s vibe may be relaxing and cozy but make no mistake. You can also get the adrenaline rush here. If you’re a thrill-seeker, AJ Hackett Cairns Giant Jungle Swing, Tower Climb and Lookout are the best activities for you. You can also try here Australia’s first and only bungy jump!

5. Learn More About the Tjapukai Culture

The Tjapukai is hailed as one of the oldest living cultures in the world. It has been around over 40, 000 years. If you’re visiting Palm Cove for the holiday, you certainly don’t want to miss this chance.

Don’t worry. Learning about the history and culture of the Tjapukai is far from the boring seminars that you’ve attended in college. The ancient culture will be taught to you through dancing and making art!

In this culture immersion, you’ll also learn how to master throwing a boomerang and some hunting and cooking techniques.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wandering by yourself, or you’re travelling with a group. Palm Cove can accommodate you whatever kind of a traveler you are. So if you’re looking to spend the holiday or weekend outside the city, consider making a stop at the Palm Cove.

It’s a dream travel destination that offers both full-on relaxation and non-stop fun. If that’s your cuppa tea, then pack those bags already! Head towards Queensland and don’t look back!