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Warframe Weapon Tier List: Which Is Best?

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Have you ever wondered which weapon is the best in Warframe? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we will list out all of the weapons in Warframe and rank them from worst to best.

Weapon Tier List: The Worst of the Best (in War-frame )

“These weapons are good, but not great.” – Excalibur Prime.

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Vectis Sniper Rifle – Northstar Pulse Rifle. These two weapon types have a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. They’re basically the middle of the pack.

Dread Sniper Rifle – Dual Raza Mod Slots (both a weapon and an Orokin Reactor). These two items are both good, but not that great.

Weapon Tier List: The Best of the Worst

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“These weapons don’t have much going for them.” – MK14 EBR Custom.

Boltor Prime. These weapons are just nothing special and not that great overall.

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Zenith Sniper Rifle – The list of the worst in Warframe continues here!

Weapon Tier List: The Best of the Rest (in War-frame)

“These weapons are good, but they’re not quite at the top.”

Dual Raza Mod Slots.

Barton Prime. These weapons are still good, but they’re just not as good as a lot of the other weapon types in Warframe.

Rakta Ballistica – The only pistol on this list! This is at least for now still one of the best weapons in Warframe, but it’s not quite the best.

Vectis Prime – The only shotgun on this list! This weapon is still good, but just not as good as a lot of other weapons in Warframe today.

Weapon Tier List: The Absolute Best (in War-frame)

“These are the best weapons in Warframe.”

Vandal – The newest weapon on this list! This weapon is one of the best in Warframe.

Rakta Prime – One of the latest and greatest weapons to come out with all new mechanics, yet still retaining an old-school aesthetic that people love. It’s difficult to not place it at least as high as the Vandal.

Dera – The best sidearm in Warframe! This weapon is still a top-tier weapon and not much has changed about it since its release.

Donkor – One of the few weapons on this list that hasn’t been updated since 2018, but it’s also one of the most powerful weapons in Warframe! It’s a great weapon for those who love to charge head-first into combat.

Akstiletto Prime – One of the best burst weapons in Warframe, it can really turn the tide on even the most well-equipped enemies due to its high fire rate and damage potential with a single shot.

New Dera – The new and improved version of the weapon that started it all, this sidearm has been tweaked to be more in line with modern Warframe standards.

Banshee Prime – This weapon is a beast! With its high fire rate and powerful shots, you’ll never have any troubleshooting your way through an army without taking a single hit.

Boar Prime – This weapon is for those who want to rain death from afar without the need of reloading, but also with some powerful melee attacks in case things get up close and personal.

Boltor Prime – A great starter weapon when you’re just getting into Warframe, this rifle has all ‚Äčthe basics you need to take out any enemy in your path

Bolton – The classic weapon of choice for the new Tenno, this rifle has a high fire rate and can be customized with many different elemental damage types, making it the perfect weapon for every occasion!

Fashion Tips: war-frame weapon tier list

Boar Prime – This weapon is for those who want to rain death from afar without the need of reloading, but also with some powerful melee attacks in case things get up close and personal.

Burston – This weapon is great for those who want a lot of firepower with minimal reloading time and minimum recoil.

Bronco Prime – The ideal weapon if you’re looking to keep your distance from the enemy, this gun has excellent long-range capabilities without compromising any melee combat potentials.

Barton Prime – With a weapon like this, you’ll be able to fight off enemies using the versatile power of projectiles with an impressive fire rate.

War-frame Weapon Tier List: Which Is Best?

No one ever said that war would be easy. Over time, Tenno has become accustomed to their suit and weapons being all they need to survive on the battlefield.

That idea was shattered when new weapons were introduced by Corpus, Grineer, and Infested factions that could overwhelm an unprepared Tenno with their sheer power. Not only did these new weapon types pose a threat, but they also changed combat tactics for all players on both sides of the conflict.

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