What Is a Glass Partition Wall? And What Are the Benefits of Its Installing?

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Various decorative designs are used to decorate the house and also to zone the space in it. Partitions made of glass are installed in small apartments, residential buildings, and an office. The main advantage of the CommercialGlassPartitions.com glass partition systems is the visual increase in space. In this case, the flow of light is not blocked. What are the other advantages of glass partitions?

  • Glass partitions preserve the size of the room and the degree of its illumination;
  • They retain moisture and don’t absorb odor. Therefore, it can be installed in the bathroom, in the kitchen, etc;
  • Glass partition systems made by CommercialGlassPartitions can redistribute the luminous flux from a lighter area to a darker one;
  • Help divide the room into zones, which is equally convenient for small apartments and large spaces;
  • Glass separation door can be installed in any interior, regardless of its style;
  • The possibility of using colored blocks or different types of surface decoration;
  • Environmental friendliness of the materials are used;
  • No concrete is required. Therefore, the installation is carried out without dust and dirt.

Can you tell me its cost? Well, a glass partition system is not cheap. The total cost is determined by the dimensions of the partition, its design, and the fastening method. To find out the cost and select the appropriate model, visit CommercialGlassPartitions and ask a manager for all the details.

Types of Glass Partition Systems for Home and Offices

So, what are the types of internal glass partitions?

  • Stationary. Such glass panel partition walls can become a worthy analog of an ordinary brick wall. They are rigidly attached to the floor and ceiling. They have a high level of sound insulation.
  • Mobile. They are characterized by quick and easy assembly and disassembly. If you are planning frequent office redevelopment, then mobile partitions will be an excellent choice. These structures can be installed directly on furniture without damaging the walls and ceiling of the room. This is a profitable option for equipping an office in a rented building. When moving, the entire structure can be easily disassembled and transported to a new location.
  • Transformable. This is the best option for instant redevelopment. If several small rooms need to be quickly combined into a large meeting room, then transformable partitions do an excellent job with this task. They are divided into several types depending on the method of execution:
  • Foldable panel. It is equipped with a mechanism that assembles the entire structure like an accordion. To “build” the wall, you just need to pull on the edge element.
  • Sliding. Thanks to the roller system, the sections move along interconnected guides.

A glass panel partition from CommercialGlassPartitions is very popular today. They divide space efficiently and quickly. This is a perfect solution for a multifunctional room that will emphasize the high status of its owner without words. Also, it is very convenient to use transparent partitions in offices. It is easy to see through the glass and simultaneously monitor the activities of all employees near your office.