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Why do You want to Add Someone to a Twitter List in Hootsuite?

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I am sure you have seen the trending twitter list and wondered how to get on it. There are many people who want to be featured on this list, but there is no need to worry because adding someone on a twitter list in Hootsuite is easy! This blog post will explain why you would want to add someone on a twitter list in Hootsuite as well as what steps need to be done for them.

This article will teach you how to add someone on a twitter list in Hootsuite.

There are three steps that need to be done for this process:

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go into the person’s profile and click “add or remove from lists”

select the Twitter Lists option

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choose any of your lists

and click “add to the list”

Here are some benefits of adding someone on a twitter list in Hootsuite:

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increase their reach by following them – gain more followers, retweets and likes because they will be seen at all times. If you add one person to your twitter lists, it is possible for them to gain more followers because they will be visible at all times.

see what their twitter feed looks like – follow the same people and have a similar feel as you do on your account

saves time – see what they have to say and retweet it. It will save you a lot of time if all the people who are on your twitter list are tweeting about something that is relevant for you or your business.

you can also unfollow them at any time – unlike following someone on twitter, which is permanent. If you want to remove someone from your list of followers due to a change in their tweets or for some other reason, all it takes is one click and they are gone.

Here’s how:

open up your Hootsuite dashboard

click on “lists” at the top of your screen, which will open up all of your twitter lists. You can also search for a list you might want to follow by typing in their name

Find someone who interests you and click on them. When that person’s tweets pop up, click on the “add to twitter list” button

enter a name for your new list in the box that appears

then click on “name of twitter list” at the top of your screen and you’ll see an editable menu with all your current lists. You can also rename or delete them here!

Now when I open up twitter, I have the option of clicking on my new list and following that person’s tweets.

What You Get:

not having to worry about forgetting to follow someone because they are no longer tweeting.

you’re able to keep up with an industry or topic without becoming overwhelmed by all the information out there

it ‘s a great way to find your next twitter follower

being able to see conversations between people in a certain list, even if you’re not following them.

The Buzz:

Twitter’s new and improved lists allow users to create collections of accounts for easy tracking, organizing topics or just finding interesting people more easily. Lists are now available for the first time on mobile devices and make it easier to stay tuned into conversations about a topic without getting lost in tweets.

you can create or follow lists from your twitter app

there are three types of list: people, topics, hashtags

by clicking “Add To List” under one person’s profile photo, you can add them to a list

people you’re following will appear on your profile page

the lists that appear in your timeline update automatically as soon as someone adds or removes an account from their own twitter list.

Adding someone to a twitter list in hotsuite can be done for many reasons. One reason is that you might follow people on twitter and want them all saved into one place where they are easy to find if need be. A second reason could be because of the topics assigned to lists with tweets from others on the topic. It might be because you are following a hashtag and want to make a list for it as well. Another reason could be that there is someone who you only follow on twitter, but not in real life so maybe this isn’t person they would talk back with otherwise.

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