Sunday, October 25, 2020

10 Facebook Demographics that Matter to Marketers in 2020

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Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, audience and their demographics mean a lot. If you know what people you want to target, you can try to find those people on Facebook. From demographic age ranges to demographic genders to demographic qualification, knowing more is awesome. 

What are the top Facebook demographics that matter to marketers in 2020? This article discusses the top 10 Facebook demographics that matter to marketers in 2020. Continue reading if you want to get the most out of your Facebook audience selection and targeting. 

10 Facebook Demographics for 2020

Understanding demographic age ranges and other elements about your audience is important if you want to get the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign. 

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What are the top Facebook demographics that matter to marketers in 2020? Here are the top 10 Facebook demographics that marketers should not forget in 2020 and after 2020:

  1. How Many People Use Facebook?

According to the latest stats from Facebook, there are more than 2.6 billion monthly users. Moreover, more than 1.73 billion users visit Facebook every single day. Many of them can be your customers. All you need is to deliver your brand’s message. 

  1. Facebook Is The King of Social Media
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Facebook is the leading social networking website that provides effective ways to promote products and services to its users. That is why people say that Facebook is the king of social media. Mena to say, you can get a good rate of return on this platform. 

  1. Facebook Advertising Revenue

Facebook’s revenue for quarter 1 of 2020 was $17.44. Despite the lockdowns and advertisement boycott, Facebook has been able to earn well and increase its stock value over the last 8 months. These numbers are still growing because businesses are now back in business. 

  1. Businesses Use Facebook Pages

There are more than 80 million pages on Facebook which means that there are more than 80 million businesses on Facebook. The number is growing at a fast pace. You must not leave behind because your competitors might be using this useful channel already. 

  1. How Many Americans Use Facebook?
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69% of adults in the US claim that they use Facebook. It means 7 out of 10 adults use Facebook. Besides young adults, a huge number of adults also use it on a regular basis. The truth is; people belonging to all ages across the globe use Facebook. 

  1. Young Adults Prefer to Use Facebook

More than 65% of Facebook users are under 35 age. So, it is much popular in young adults. It is a good platform to target your audience if you want to target young adults. 

  1. Facebook Users Choose Mobile Over Desktop

A whopping 96% of users use Facebook from a mobile device. This fast tells that your posts and ads must be in line with mobile promotion best practices. 

  1. Average Time Spent on Facebook

Users spend more than 58 minutes every day on Facebook. This is a great opportunity because you can show a number of ads to your audience in 58 minutes. 

  1. Marketers Love Using Facebook

86% of US marketers are using Facebook for advertising and you should not leave behind. By spending a small amount on Facebook ads, you can grow your business. 

  1. Products Discovery via Facebook

78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy via Facebook. This figure shows that Facebook is playing an important role in retail products. If you want to sell retail products, your success rate on Facebook can be high. 

Last Word About Facebook Demographics

You have read top Facebook demographics that matter to marketers in 2020. In the end, we can say that understanding the demographics of people on Facebook is key to success when you want to reach out to a certain type of people through Facebook. 

if you want to get the most out of your Facebook audience selection and targeting, you should remember the above-mentioned stats when you make your Facebook promotion and Facebook marketing strategy. Always pay attention to demographic age ranges. 

If you need more details about this topic, you can read more articles or watch videos on this topic. For better understanding and in-depth analysis, you should reach out to a Facebook professional. If you want to share your feedback about this article, please do not hesitate to do that. 

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