4 Reasons Your Marketing is Not Working


Talk about marketing these days and there will be a few hot topics. For example, there’s influencer marketing. Corporate wear and email marketing also rank high on advertisers’ priority lists. But just because you use effective methods doesn’t automatically lead to success. As with anything in business, you should never overestimate a marketing method. 

Remember, no marketing technique functions in isolation. Your logo, the corporate polo shirts your team wear and all your digital marketing all affect each other. And if you make one or more of the following errors, you won’t get the ROI you expect. 

You Have a Poor Overall Brand Presentation

You can’t expect an influencer or a new campaign to magically solve all your marketing woes. For effective marketing you need quality in all aspects of your brand presentation and in the techniques you use to showcase it. 

It starts with the product or service you want to promote. Not even the best influencer in the world will get his or her followers to become loyal if you’re not offering value for money. 

The brand itself should also impress, from the logo you pick to the brand voice you use and the website you set up. That logo must look good whether you use it on polo shirts as your team’s corporate wear or a pen you gift to your loyal clients.

These elements—logos and websites—can’t seem outdated and they should resonate with your audience. If not, your audience will quickly lose interest. Also, from shirts to website pages it must be neat and  professional or consumers will pick your competitor that seems more impressive. 

So, ask yourself: do you have a brand that a modern consumer would jump at supporting and talk about? 

Picking the Wrong Influencer and Partners

Want celebrities or others with massive followings to showcase your brand? Or perhaps you plan on partnering with another brand during a campaign. This type of influencer marketing may falter if you join forces with the wrong individuals. 

Firstly, don’t simply look for an influencer that seems the most popular based on the number of followers he or she has. That number doesn’t guarantee influence, so his or her followers may never take notice of the brands they promote.

For people to be a good marketing tool, there must be engagement in order for you to see conversions. This is more likely to take place when you partner with someone or a company that resonates with your brand. Also, they must be willing to engage with followers on the topic of your brand. Showcasing and being passionate about how your brand works for them may help their audience take notice of you too. 

Furthermore, you want partners that won’t embarrass your brand. So, vet them properly to ensure they don’t have habits that could hurt your name. You can also ask about their personal value systems and see if it aligns with your company’s. 

Failing at Managing Your Reputation

Another common challenge for many brands is not knowing how to effectively manage their online reputation. People can say almost anything about you online. All these actions result in what people think of you. It’s your responsibility to research what’s being said and manage it where necessary.. 

For example, search for reviews on your brand. Respond to negative ones to defend yourself as well as to show you care about your audience. 

Are there brands with a similar name to yours? If they offer poor quality service, some can think it relates to your brand. You may need to write a blog about this coincidence of names or warn people not to be misled by low quality copies of your products. 

Not Realising the Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

For this, influencer marketing is an excellent example but the principles apply to how you, clients and your team interact with your audience too. 

An effective marketing process will include engagement between the influencer or a client or your team and the audience. The goal shouldn’t be to simply have your brand, product or service showcased in an occasional social media post. You want the influencer to:

  • Actively promote it regularly
  • Make your brand a talking point when engaging with his or her audience
  • Help you reach your marketing goals, whether it’s to download content or commit to a sale

For this to take place, you need someone that is excited and passionate about your brand. This passion will lead to an influencer, a loyal customer or a team member prompting someone into action. Instead of sharing basic information (advertising) you want your ‘representatives’ to motivate them to take action to move to the next step in your sales funnel. This can be to buy an item, download information or sign up for an event. 

In short, marketing should be about getting people to ACT.


You may waste a lot of time, effort and money if you simply jump into marketing without planning and understanding techniques. Some will blame the technique as a whole. But experts know that when marketing isn’t working, it’s probably time to re-evaluate how you approached it in the first place. Consider diving into the insights provided by the best digital marketing books to refine your strategies and achieve more effective results.

Not sure how to move ahead in a more dynamic way? Let’s start a conversation—leave your thoughts below.