How to achieve what you want to from your job


Taking on a management role can be an exciting moment. However, it requires a slightly different skillset compared to roles lower down the ladder. But you can quickly pick up the skills required to thrive. Below, we explore how you can succeed as the boss. 


If you simply command employees to carry out work, you can end up with a demotivated team. Instead, you should aim to influence work and decisions. This can be achieved by demonstrating that you care about employee ideas and their work. Try listening carefully to their responses and have constructive discussions about the work you’re carrying out. A two-way relationship can make everyone more productive. 


Rather than explaining tasks and then leaving it to the team you should seek to inspire employees. This can be achieved by demonstrating passion for the work you’re carrying out, encouraging others to show similar vigour. Another way to do this is to let your employees know the importance of their work. The more driven and excited someone is to carry out work, the more productive they’re going to be. 

Empower employees

Micromanaging and strictly delegating tasks can damage morale and leave your team unproductive. Instead, you should try and empower your employees to make decisions themselves, in line with the company’s objectives. This doesn’t mean that you just leave your team to get on with things themselves though. Try and set a proactive example and encourage your team members to develop and learn. 


Rather than just telling your team what to do, you need to persuade them why this is the right thing to do. People work much better when they believe in what they’re doing – it’s why having a coherent culture is so important. As a result, you should use persuasion to explain why you’re picking a certain strategy.


A boss needs to lead by example. If you’re late for meetings and arrive unprepared then you can’t expect employees to be more alert. Instead, you should always aim to be punctual – if you’re searching for trains to London, ensure you buy tickets in advance. By being punctual, you’ll encourage your colleagues to follow your example and enter meeting meticulously prepared. 

Succeeding as a boss can be difficult. But by learning to empower, inspire and influence your employees, you should be on the path to becoming a great boss.