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How to Choose Rifle Primers for Better Reloading?

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The most important thing to figure out when you are going to choosing a rifle primer is if it has a small or large primer pocket. Some rifle has six five Creedmoor has large some has small. So you got to do your research just a bit and figure out exactly what primer that you need. You can work up individual loads with your primers that you have purchased but if you have worked up a load say with a standard small rifle primer and then you should change your primer to a matching primer it could affect your group size. However, it depends on the different types of powders that you shoot. The different types of primers will affect them differently so you have to treat them all as their load.

In this article, we will explore all about information about how to choose rifle primers for better reloading and will know step by step. Let’s go on……

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There are two kinds of primers: standard primers and match primers. The idea behind match primers is to ignite the powder as consistently as possible. Match primers are more affordable because of consistency and no need to worry about their tiny detail. With match primer, you are getting more consistent, muzzle velocities, and they are just a little bit better but you will pay a bit more for them. 

The difference between a regular primer and a magnum primer is Magnum is gonna create a hotter spark and will help ignite slower burning powders or just powders that do not want to ignite as easily. There are so many different types of powders out there you’re gonna have to figure out which ones prefer magnum primers and which ones take standard primers. If you are having hangfires in any of your reloads try out a magnum primer but approach that with caution. When you do switch to magnum primers if you have an established load with a regular primer or match primer. With the magnum primer, you can decrease your charge a little bit and work your way back up to your charge. Because of the different pressures going on inside of the case magnum primer most likely will not shoot the same. 

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Some special primers like only the small rifle side will have a metal cup thicker primer sit and a little more resistant to the firing pin. If you choose to shoot Magnum primers do be aware in reloading the official reloading manuals you need to go ahead and read what the manufacturer tested with all of their load data. If you want to start shooting Magnum primers using their load data then their Max charges will be hotter than what your gun should probably be shooting. Moreover, these are going to increase pressures above what their data would be so you could run into pressure signs a little bit more quickly. 

Most reloaders do not know that Magnum primers are not only for Magnum calibers or Magnum pistols. In most cases, you do not use a Magnum primer including 300 Winchester Magnum you do not necessarily have to run a Magnum primer. You can work up a specific load with that primer and again pay attention to the load data provided to you and see what type of primer they used in all their testing that’s important to know. At the end of the day, if you are trying to shoot small groups or shoot long-range consistently you want the least amount of variation possible that you can get. 

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To summarize up, it is great to experiment with different primers but if you are worried about the type of primer you should use check the load data and try and get what they are using with their load data. However, if it is a standard primer go with that if it’s a magnum primer you should probably go with that. You can use Magnum or standards or match primers pretty much anything you want you just have to work up individual loads for each.

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