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Tips on Bargain Hunting in Dubai for Fashionistas

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One of the reasons so many people aspire to go to Dubai is that the city is a fashionista’s paradise. There is a huge variety of various shopping centers and bazaars where you can buy the latest fashion brands clothes, designer items, excellent perfumes, jewelry, and cosmetics. 

However, not for many, prices in branded stores may seem acceptable. Shopping mall prices can bite, so when traveling, many people want to know how to buy things without spending a fortune, because the shopping windows of famous stores successfully lure customers. 

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It is necessary to know the places, as well as the time when you can buy what you want at good prices. You will have to visit many places, so you should rent a car to enjoy shopping. Get the SUV rental dubai that offers a large selection of large cars for hire and reasonable rental prices. You can also rent an economy or luxury car and enjoy your vacation. 

Promotions and discounts 

If you want to buy something from the latest collections of famous designers or fashion brands, then you will have to shell out. You can’t buy these things cheaply. However, you have a chance to buy lots of past season collections if you know where to go. 

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First of all, you should visit the Outlet Village, which is reminiscent of one of the Italian towns of the Middle Ages in style. You will be able to run into huge discounts from famous brands, as well as replenish your wardrobe with amazing things from world designers. You won’t leave without new items, because you can find stylish bags, decorative cosmetics, branded clothes, and exclusive shoes. 

Next, check out the Dubai Outlet Mall, where you’ll find over 200 fashion stores. Forget about 10-20% discounts, because here every day in some stores you can find things with discounts up to 90%. 


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The only place where a huge number of jewelry stores are concentrated is Dubai. You will find dozens of such stores in each mall, but if you want to see a huge assortment in one place, then you should visit Gold Souk, a local bazaar famous for its many jewelry options. 

In more than 350 stores you can choose jewelry from gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones. The most amazing thing is that here you can make an individual order and get what you dream of. 

Before making a purchase, be sure to compare the prices in different stores to buy cheaper. Other than that, don’t be afraid to bargain. Thus, you can buy what you want even cheaper. 

Perfumery products

Don’t forget to complete your perfume collection by visiting the Perfume Souk. Here you can find fragrant perfumes that you have not seen before. In the presented stores you can find ready-made perfumes. If you want to get something unique, made especially for you, then you can custom order and get perfumes with your favorite scents. If this option is for you, then do not forget to add a touch of traditional aromas of natural oud or attar. 

Thrift shops

Another way to get your hands on trendy items is to visit local thrift stores, which are in high demand among locals and tourists. This is a great chance to buy items from expensive brands at low prices. Among all the assortments you can find fascinating outfits and accessories from Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. 

Check out the Garderobe online platform where you can find exclusive items and pay less than they cost in boutiques. On such a platform, people can sell luxury items in perfect condition, but their cost is much less than the original. You can even see the price difference. Here you will find items from Valentino, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, and many more. 

Household products 

In addition to changing your wardrobe, you’ll want to buy something for your home. You have a great opportunity because at Dragon Mart you will find everything you need without spending all your money. It is noteworthy that Chinese goods are sold here and the choice is so large that you will not know where to look first.  

You will find everything from interior items to household appliances. There is a huge competition between sellers and therefore everyone tries to attract customers with reduced prices. Therefore, be sure to look at different stores to choose a product cheaper than in other stores. 


Shopping in one of the most luxurious cities on the planet doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of places in Dubai where you can buy exclusive items from famous designers and fashion brands at a reasonable price. 

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