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Revamping your wardrobe is essential at least once a year if you wish to stay at the top of fashion. To organize and revamp your wardrobe is otherwise an enormous task. However, since Coronavirus has halted the universe, there is plenty of time to organize your closet and your whole house and sort out all your things and relationships. Make sure you stay active and productive during this time else; it can be stressful if you do not take care of yourself. Like everything, the fashion industry has had a shift too. The fashion this summer is sustainable, relatable to every person, and affordable. So, even if you are short on money, you can rock this summer without worrying about the high-end fashion brands. It is feasible to rock this summer’s fashion, affordably and elegantly. Here are all the tips you must follow to revamp your wardrobe for the summers:

  1. First Things First: Go Through Your Wardrobe

You probably do not know how many jeans, dresses, and gowns you own, and how many of them fit you. So, the first thing you must do to revamp your wardrobe is to look into in and see what needs to go to donation. Anything that does not fit you, does not suit you, is not your taste anymore, or is worn out needs to go immediately. Look at the clothes which complement this summer’s fashion and what you can use. Style your old clothes. Maybe an old long dress can be tailored into a cute knee-length frock.

  1. The Idea of the Capsule Wardrobe
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Since Coronavirus, you probably do not go out much except for your work if they call you in and meet your immediate family and friends. So, this is the best time to create a capsule wardrobe. Now that you know what your closet already has, try to alter it and make sure the clothes you have can be worn at more than one place. Then, invest in more casual dresses for women, which you can mix and match to style differently for different occasions. Invest in neutral colors and buy as little as possible. Trust me; it is the best time to go minimal.

  1. Hit the Sales

A lot of clothing brands are putting up fabulous sales. So hit the most significant sales. However, these sales are tempting and might lead you to buy more than you need. So, be mindful and only buy what you need and what suits your taste. That is why you need to look into your wardrobe first and set your mind to buy what is necessary.  

  1. Find Different Ways to Style your Clothes
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If you wish to keep your wardrobe stylish and minimal, we suggest you be creative with your clothes. The long skirt can be used as a knee-length skirt too. A T-shirt can be knotted over your denim shorts, or you can tuck them in your pants from one side. Fashion influencers are doing videos and blog posts on how to use a piece of clothing in different ways. Learn from them and be creative with your style. 

  1. Be Friends with Pinterest

Pinterest is your best friend if you want to stay on top of fashion. So, if you do not check it before investing in clothes, you should start right away. It does not only show you what is vogue but also how you can accessorize your looks and how you can mix and match to look your best. Every question that comes into your head, Pinterest has the most vogue answer to it. 

  1. Benefit from the Pajama Days
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The most trending fashion these days is pajamas. All the celebrities out there are styling them with crop tops, sports or lacy bras, tees, and even dress shirts. Since you too are staying at home these days and mostly communicating through social media, instead of buying new dresses, you can buy pajamas. Go for leopard print, polka dots, stripes, gingham, and floral tones. Do not miss out on the chance to benefit from these pajama days.


Last but not least, the bonus tip to revamp your wardrobe every year and to keep it organized at all times is knowing what to buy. We all love to buy clothes that are trendy yet affordable, so do not forget to keep your budget in mind. These are the questions you should ask respectively to determine if you must buy a piece of clothing or not: Do you love it? Would you enjoy it and be able to style it three years from now? Can you wear it on three different occasions? If the answer is no to any of these questions, there is always a better option to go for. 

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