What Makes A Great Plant Pot and How to Find Them


Last year was probably the best year to be a plant mom or dad. You’re working mostly at home, so you have more time to attend to your plants. In addition, a lot of people got into plant parenting, so you have new-found friends that you can relate to.

Although 2020 certainly was a prick, that year certainly made us into who we are now. We’re now a regular at local nursery gardens, almost every item in our house is now designed with plants, and our IG feed starts to look more like a digital mini garden. Which is cool! Because at least we are able to forget everything that happened last year.

If you happen to be at the repotting phase now, you’re exactly at the right page. In this piece we’re teaching you how to look for and choose the best pots for your plants. Here are some tips that we can offer:

Remember that size always matter

When repotting you must always consider the size of your plants. They will certainly need more room to grow as they age so it will ultimately affect the size of the pot.

Normally, you just have to look for pots that are an inch wider than the root mass of your plants. This is a good margin for your plant to grow. But if you expect them to grow more rapidly, buy pots that are four inches wider.

Consider different types of pot material

While these differences are mainly for aesthetics, these materials are still worth checking into. This way you’ll have more options, and you can learn by yourself which will work best for you and your gardening style.

Plastic, red clay, ceramic and baskets are the four most widely used materials for pots in this day and age. And you won’t have a hard time buying any of them for they are almost always available in your local gardening shops that offer either same day flower delivery or free shipping of their plants.

Here’s how they vary from each other:

Plastic Pots

In general, plastic pots are the cheaper option. They are also lighter than most of its counterparts. These pots will work well for those who are just new in the game, because they’re durable and can be moved easily. They also come in various colors! You can even make a rainbow garden with these if you want.

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are pots that are made from red clay. So they are essentially porous and will more likely absorb water from the soil. That makes it the best pot for drought-tolerant plants like succulents and cacti. Because every time the water is absorbed by the pot, the water is naturally dried out.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are your best options if you want a more elegant and stylish look and feel to your garden. Although they are much heavier than other materials, they are more flexible in designs that will certainly bring character to your space.

Downside is that most ceramic pots come with a heftier price tag. So if you’re a little tight with the budget, it’s not advisable to buy these. But if money is not the problem, no one’s stopping you from hoarding these pots.

Hanging Baskets

If you want your room looking chic and fresh, go with hanging baskets. They’re more stylish and can certainly pull off a minimalistic approach to your space. Just be sure not to put anything under these baskets to avoid damage caused by the water that will most likely drop from the baskets.

Once you’ve decided on which size and what material you’re gunning for, all that’s left to do is to buy them! So visit your local store and shop around!