11 Best football prediction apps for betting

betting apps
betting apps

For all bettors, no matter how deep they are into online betting, it is necessary to have all the needed data about previous matches. The reason is simple: before making even a simple bet, for example, at https://in.parimatch.com/en/ it’s important to read about all results of the team in a few years. With this information on hand, the bettor can analyze it and predict the result of the match.

To make a valuable prediction for the match, bettors should know not only the results of games but also the most efficient players in the team, transfers, previous meetings, and much other information. Not every person can handle such an amount of pieces of knowledge and even create a prediction from it.

To help all the bettors around the globe mobile 918kiss apk for football predictions were created. This simple solution is available for most common devices and requires only a few simple steps. Users have to choose the most convenient app, download and install it. Food verification(먹튀검증) After everything is done, the bettor can find a prediction for most football events before they begin.

Such apps use various principles of the work. Some of them are led by professional football experts, which posts their prediction, relying on the experience and data. Others use an automatic process of the football database analyzing and making predictions. And, with the advancing of new technologies, apps with artificial intelligence algorithm becomes more common and give a most accurate result.

The list of football prediction apps

Choosing the app, all bettors rely on the accuracy of predictions and their preferences. For some people, the interface is a reason for selecting the app. For others, the presence of push notifications and extra filters are significant.

But the most important is the result of predictions. Even with the simple and easy interface and extra functions, an app without successful predictions is nothing.

1. Overlyzer

Definitely the most innovative football statistics software on the market. Converts statistics into graphs so you see immediately how games are currently running. And Overlyzer even enables you to set and save your own filters that fit in your betting behavior.

2. Bullet Bet Predictions

One of the most successful examples of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the mobile betting industry. With the combination of the high amount of events, AI, and simple design, this app will give predictions in no time!

3. Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions

All the most needed information about matches can be found in this awesome app. Predictions, tips, news, and other data about teams and matches in one simple app!

4. Matchguess

A unique social platform for betting predictions. Bettors should just download the app and predict the results. Players can do it by themselves, or with help of the friends and family! Users have to choose the prediction with the most scores and make a bet.

5. FSM – football betting genius and prediction tips

The combination of expert experience and data analysis creates the most successful predictions! With FSM clients always get notifications about the most recent predictions and football events.

6. Winner expert

Here bettors will meet the highest-quality predictions from the best football experts! Thousand of grateful users can confirm that. They have just to turn on notifications and get fresh predictions,

7. Soccer Predictions Football AI

Astonishing attempt to create a unique predictions algorithm! Artificial intelligence analyzes numbers of data every day and gives predictions for different football matches.

8. Bet predictor

It’s another success in the field of automatic prediction systems. Simple and friendly application, that makes predictions according to dozen of thousands of previous matches.

9. All Goals – Football Live Scores

The best prediction app ever created for live football matches from the whole world.

10. Tackl – football match prediction app with friends

The Tackl is a competitive prediction application. With this app, friends and families can make predictions for football matches and decide who is the best forecaster.

11. Deepscore – Betting Predictions and Tips

With an integrated machine learning system, this app can raise the income of bettor in dozen times.

12. BetMines

An awesome online betting app with detailed graphs for each prediction and a big list of events.