How to dress for a Casino night

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A casino is a place that has its own unique atmosphere. New slot online machines, well-dressed croupier, friendly staff, and luxury casino table games. And of course, you, looking appropriately at this intriguing place. But, in fact, we don’t know how to dress for a visiting casino. That’s why we made an investigation and prepared for you a list with the “casino” look that you are searching for. 

Tips for men 

For gentlemen, it is much easier to get ready, as they don’t need a lot of wardrobe items to look good. The only rule they need to remember is that every man should look classy – wear ties, classic suit, and so on. Nevertheless, here are some tips that can remove doubts about what to wear more quickly: 

  • Black or white tie. One formal thing in your look must be a tie. You should decide if it is white or black, as the shoes must be of the same color as a tie. But remember that white is more official and formal. 
  • Semi-formal. You can wear something less formal, but still classy. For example, a white shirt and sneakers. Why not? 
  • Business formal. Just clothes that you can wear to work or for a conference. It is also formal but at least casual. 

Tips for ladies 

Finding the right outfit for women is much more difficult. Ladies are fussier in the choice of clothes. Yet, there are some tips that will save any woman from long reflections about clothes. 

  • Sheath-dress. Bay be it is not the most comfortable dress but definitely one of the most elegant. This dress will perfectly accentuate the thin lines and curves of your figure. The optimal length of such a dress is below the knee. At the same time, you can choose any color – black, red or white, mainly without bright prints.
  • Little black dress. The classic one that is always trendy. It can be of any design, any type, and any length but not too short. 
  • Cocktail dress. If you don’t have the two previous options in your wardrobe, then you probably have a cocktail dress that suits any occasion. Give preference to darker colors associated with night and don’t forget about accessories.
  • Open back dress. Or with open shoulders. This is perhaps one of the sexiest options, where the style of the dress plays an important role. The length of the dress, as in the case of the first option, should be below the knee, or slightly higher.
  • Shoes. First, shoes should be comfortable. Even if your shoes are from a luxury brand and look awesome, but you haven’t worn them, then you should put on your old shoes. It is possible that you will have to stand a lot on your feet, so give preference to all the same comfortable shoes.
  • Accessories. There is no special comment here since you need to choose accessories according to your dress. Basically, it should definitely be gold or silver. No jewelry!