5 Helpful Ways To Discover Your Favorite Cannabis Strain

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add weed h3PWUqxpP 0 unsplash

Cannabis is a hundred times more enjoyable if you discover your perfect strain. Finding the right one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I’m guessing you probably know if you want Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid strain.

But how do you find your favorite without trying every strain you can get your hands on? It’s easier than you think if you know where to look. Here are some places where you’ll find what you’re looking for within hours.

1. Google ‘Top 10’ Lists

Once you start searching for the best cannabis strains on Google, you’ll find many websites with ‘top 10’ lists. Some of these lists won’t be accurate, so it’s crucial you don’t stop searching after reading one article.

If you examine each list, you’ll notice the same strains appearing all the time. It’s worth trying something if multiple websites recommend it, but make sure they’re legitimate before taking anything they say seriously.

2. Social Media Influencers

I’m sure you know a few celebrities who smoke cannabis non-stop. Do they ever mention what strains they enjoy smoking? It’s also possible to find social media influencers with entire businesses built around the cannabis industry.

If you follow them on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll eventually notice posts recommending certain strains. Find out if they have a YouTube channel because they could have in-depth videos about great cannabis strains.

3. Look For Online Quizzes

It’s impossible to say whether or not you’ll enjoy cannabis strains strangers recommend. Everyone has their own unique preferences, so taking online quizzes is effective because they’ll figure out what you’ll like best.

You’ll find questions about the smells you like, what kind of high you want, and what activities you’ll be doing while smoking. If it recommends something like Ghostdrops cannabis products, there is a good chance it’s correct.

4. Talk To A Real Person

Walk into a popular cannabis dispensary to talk with the owner. If someone is trying to grow a business in the industry, they’ll likely know a lot about the plant. An expert should be able to help you find a strain you’ll love.

Some people don’t like buying from dispensaries because it’s more expensive, plus you don’t find them on every street corner. Support the store owner by buying from them once, but order online when it’s running out.

5. Cannabis Tasting Party

Invite all your friends around to your house for a cannabis tasting party. Just make sure everyone gets a taxi because they won’t be able to drive home. Everyone should bring a cannabis strain nobody else has tried before.

You can talk for hours while sharing multiple joints, and everyone will hopefully find a strain they like. Don’t invite too many friends, or you’ll get too high. It’s a great way to socialize while doing something useful at the same time.

Don’t Stop Until You Find One

Cannabis is much more enjoyable when you find a strain you enjoy, so don’t stop looking until you discover the right one.