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A Look Into CBD Dosage For Dogs

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There are many reasons why the subject of CBD dosing is confusing to many people. One of these is that many people discover that the guidelines of dosage they get from different companies vary widely. We all know that the effectiveness of any medication is largely tied to proper dosing. We can see that clearly stated here. So, any confusion regarding how to use or administer a treatment is not a welcome development.

To help pet parents who have this problem, we will in this article look at the reason for the disparity in dosing guidelines and offer suggestions on how to work with this varied information.

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First, let us quickly address the issue of why you may need to make use of this medication in the first place.

Why Use Cannabinoid?

Your dog and as well cat can benefit from CBD oil because it has been proven to offer tremendous health benefits. If your pet suffers from any of these, then you should consider placing it on cannabinoid: CBD oil for cats also available.

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Moderate pain to severe pain
  • Joint pains and arthritis
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Nausea
  • Digestion problems
  • Cancer symptoms
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So, with no agreed dosage standard, how do you know that your canine is receiving what it should receive? There is always a comprehensive guide you can consult like the one here: or on some other online resources. Moreover, you should always consult the packaging of the product you purchased so that you can go with the company’s recommendations.

Let’s quickly look at a few points to consider when attempting to determine the right dosing for your pet.

Considerations that Regulate Dosing

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If your pet ails from any of the above and you choose to administer cannabinoid, there are three major factors to consider; these are influential in providing CBD dosage for dogs.

  • Potency –by this, it is meant the concentration of cannabinoid in the product you are buying.
  • Dog’s weight and size
  • Ailment being treated

In all your use of CBD, do not forget to always keep these in consideration. Remember also to always consult with your pet’s veterinarian doctor. Another thing you should consider, as experts’ advice, is the activity level of your canine. This can help provide an insight into how your canine metabolizes medications, including CBD. Do not forget also to factor other health conditions your pet may have that may interfere with cannabinoid. Kidney and liver conditions should be noted especially. As is true with the introduction of anything new, it’s best to consult with your vet before giving your pet any dose of anything. Bivvy helps you have peace of mind that your vet visits won’t result in a massive bill for you. Pet insurance like Bivvy makes it easy and comfortable to use your vet as a resource whenever you and your pet need their help. 

Some Practical Guides

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When purchasing CBD product, get the one that suits the size of your dog. You will find oils with different potency levels. Small dogs are usually given 75mg CBD, while large dogs can be given as much as 300mg or more. It is generally advised though that you should begin your pet with small amounts and gradually take it to the level the manufacturing company provides in their dosage guide. Sadly, not all companies provide specific guides on how to use their products. This makes your knowledge on how to calculate appropriate doses needful.

Using cannabinoid for medicinal purposes should be done with the following considerations:

  • The amount of milligrams should be determined by the dog’s weight. The usual rule to administering CBD is to give for every pound your dog weighs 0.2mg. With this, if your dog is weighing 25 pounds, he would be receiving CBD of about 5mg.
  • Having known this, the next thing is to calculate how much oil you should be giving your dog. This other calculation will be dependent on the amount of CBD present in every milliliter of the oil.
  • When considering CBD for general wellbeing, the higher doses are not needful and you can decide to cut down if you choose.

If you make your purchases from reputable companies, you will discover that they give you suggestions on how to use their product. However, you are not limited to their suggestions once you know how to calculate doses. This discussion on dosing is very important seeing that for any medication, your dog’s system is far more sensitive than yours to the medication. The good news though, especially if you purchase products of high quality, is that CBD is not harmful to dogs. No harmful side effects have been detected from regular usage.

In Conclusion

Always ensure you go for high quality CBD oil as it will be free of toxins. Toxins can be introduced into the product at any stage from planting cannabis to harvesting it, and right to the methods used for extracting the oil from the plant. It is best if you buy a product with a third party validation of the constituent ingredients. Once you have done this, with proper dosing, your pet is on his way to better health and wellness.

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