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Piling London

Piling London:

Southern Foundations Piling is a knowledgeable piling company with a wide variety of piling rigs, guaranteeing that we can select the right Piling London rig and piling method essential for your project. It is due to this that we can rally quickly to help you move faster to get on with the following phase of your project. We offer piles ranging from 150mm in diameter to 750mm and we specialize in controlled access piling with rigs ranging from 1.5t to 15t. We tend to flourish on the kind of projects that others may walk away from; discover some of the dissimilar piling services we offer under.

What is the Difference Between Bored Piles and CFA Piles?

When the load-bearing dimensions of the dirt are low or the vertical loads sited are too hefty, a concrete piling base is desirable. There are two main kinds of concrete piles; the end manner piles, where the pile serves as a column holding the load down to the manner strata, and the resistance piles, where the load is increasingly moved along the length of the pile.

Bored piles are frequently large in diameter in evaluation to traditional incessant flight auger (CFA) piles. They are used to lodge higher tons, bypass alternative impairments, and infiltrate the ground too hard to drill using an incessant aerospace auger, or to build tons with a cut-off level under the platform level. Alternatively, the CFA piling practice is more fitting for lightly loaded concepts. Let us comprehend both types of Mini Piling Contractors London in aspect and their distinct benefits in the light of exclusively practical settings.


CFA piles are informal to mount and offer an active solution for lightly loaded structures. With CFA rigs, contractors can offer the safest and most profitable solution for customers. Thorough information and skillset backed by a professional site squad and on-board technology guarantee to track the quality and competence of the work in real-time.

CFA piling method offers a seamless solution for urban developments because it stops vibration and commotions in adjacent assemblies and reductions noise pollution. Besides, constant CFA piles are perfect for most soil situations and building projects.

Piling London


CFA piles are built by revolving the auger string into the ground by impelling concrete under minimal compression through the echoing stem of the auger. In one continuous motion, the soil is substituted by concrete, as soon as the auger is aloof. After the pile head is cleaned of wreckage, the steel support is defeated into the pile of concrete.

The method does not want external ground support, such as covering or drilling fluids, since the bore itself is self-sufficient. The auger is rolled to the ground and the concrete grasps the bore after excavation.

  • Higher productivity rates designate that piling is commercially practical.
  • A broad variety of auger dimensions (300mm – 1200mm diameter) guarantees the most efficient use of construction materials.
  • Profundity up to 25 meter recommends that Unceasing Flight Auger piling is efficient for low to mid-range loading and is hence perfect for most business and housing projects.
  • Low points of noise
  • Almost vibration-free process


Rotary Bored Piling is directed through Big Diameter Piling (LDP) rigs that transfer higher power (torque) in modification to the CFA rigs. As a significance, the former is more alert and capable of clearing subversive problems fast. When building rotary bored piles, workers have the fortuitous to simply adjust the cutting or excavation tools and the auger kind to better fit soil conditions.

Drilling technique:

Rotary bored piles are built by revolving and covering into the turf to support weak or rough soil and then removing the pile bore using an auger, bucket, or coring unit. Once the bore has been painstakingly cleaned to devise depth, the Mini Piling London and Underpinning London of concrete is tremie into the bore, and the casing is detached, leaving the complete pile. Frequently, pile support is cast during the concreting procedure.

Land conditions: 

The rotary Bored Piling method can be used in almost all soil circumstances— ranging from soft ground endangered by provisional covering to high rating, very hard rock cored into open-hole.


  • Suitable for practically all soil types, counting rock drilling.
  • The possible depth is up to 60 meters with covering and tool widths up to 1.8 meters; This ensures that very high load dimensions can be accomplished.
  • Minimum ground commotion and vibration, inferring the resulting risk to adjacent structure and possessions remain minimal.
  • A fast and actual technique of installation
  • Ability to build holes into the rock below
  • Obtainable in larger diameters
  • Can be practical to protracted depths in comparison to other piling methods obtainable.