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Spaghetti Strap Top

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The spaghetti strap top is a classic staple in any woman’s wardrobe. With so many colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, you’ll find one that matches your personal style. This article will discuss the history of the spaghetti strap top, as well as some tips on how to wear it for maximum versatility!

What is a spaghetti top?

A spaghetti strap top is a style of shirt that typically has two long straps that cross over the chest and tie at the back or neck. The term “spaghetti strap” refers to how thin these straps are, resembling strands of pasta. This type of garment was first popularized by Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe in 1947 when she wore this style of top.

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What are the benefits of spaghetti strap tops?

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The best part about a spaghetti strap is that they lend themselves to so many different outfits! You can wear them with anything from jeans and sneakers to denim shorts and wedges, depending on your mood or the occasion. They’re also perfect for any season since you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be too hot in the summer.

What are some of the disadvantages?

The biggest disadvantage to spaghetti strap tops is that they can often show bra straps, especially if you’re wearing a backless dress. If this bothers you, make sure to wear coverage with your shirt as well either by adding another layer or by wearing a tank top under your spaghetti strap.

What are some of the alternatives?

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The best alternative to this type of top is usually an off-the-shoulder shirt, which also offers plenty of options for layering and style combinations with different pieces in your wardrobe. Other styles such as halter tops can be worn to provide the same level of coverage without having to worry about straplines and bra straps.

How can spaghetti strap tops be worn in a variety of ways?

One way you can wear this style is with an oversized sweater that falls off your shoulders or by layering with high-waisted skirts, which both give a similar look to wearing it with a jacket. Another option is to wear this top with jeans that have some sort of belt or detail around the waist, such as embellishments on the pockets—these will draw your eye up and down in addition to highlighting your curves.

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You can also wear spaghetti strap tops under cardigans for an office-appropriate look.

Spaghetti strap tops can be worn in a variety of ways and are perfect for transitional layering. Wear this top with an oversized sweater or by layering it under a cardigan to keep things office appropriate!

Other styles such as halter tops can be worn to provide the same level of coverage without having to worry about strap slippage.

How to stitch a spaghetti strap top?

The spaghetti strap top is a summer staple that, like many of its counterparts, can be worn in a handful of different ways. For example, it’s perfect for transitional layering when paired with an oversized sweater or under a cardigan at the office. Halter tops are another option that provides coverage without having to worry about straps slipping off.

I have a list of hand-picked favourites in my closet that I reach for again and again like this top. The spaghetti strap is perfect when paired with jeans or dressed up for the office with black slacks and heels. This Top will be available on Etsy soon- stay tuned!

Types of spaghetti strap top:


Low cut

Off the shoulder spaghetti strap top

This is an article about a type of clothing: The spaghetti strap. It has many uses and can be worn in different ways, but it always falls off my shoulders or slides down my arms. What should I do to fix this problem? This blog post is all about how to strap a spaghetti strap top and avoid slippage.

Buy a size up from what you would typically wear

Wear it with an extra tight bra or bathing suit straps on the shoulders

Pin both sides of the spaghetti strap together when wearing strapless tops so they don’t fall down your arms

Wear your spaghetti strap off the shoulder so it doesn’t go down

Get a long-sleeved strap top to avoid showing any skin on your shoulders

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Buy two straps and wear one as a necklace or belt, then attach them to both sides of your shirt. This will provide extra security for those tops that don’t have shoulder straps.

Get a strap top with adjustable spaghetti straps

Wear the shirt on your waist and attach it to your pants or skirt in order to keep it from sliding down during an activity like dancing, running, etc.

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