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Why are door curtains essential?

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When the cold seasons arrive, you need a heating system 24/7 to keep your place warm and cosy which is very expensive and adds a considerable amount of money to your bills. The heating system adds up to 70% more in your electricity bills especially for the homes which are not insulated.

Interior designing can help a lot in saving energy, and the electricity bills & curtains serve the most. If you have one or more sliding doors in your homes or office, you must go for door curtains because as you open or close the doors, heat enters or leaves your place creating an imbalance in the temperature. Thus the curtains can help a lot to save both the money and the energy, & make your home colourful and vibrant at the same time. Door curtains are incredibly beneficial; therefore, you must keep the following advice to enjoy the full benefits of door curtains.

Always Use thermal curtains

Thermal curtains are an excellent choice for preventing heat loss. The poorly insulated windows and door need a heating system all the time to keep your place warm because the poor insulation lets the heat escape very quickly. The gaps and inadequate sealing of doors are the sources that leak the heat of any place and make it colder. Thermal curtains are with a thermal lining which saves you energy and keeps your home warmer. These thermal linings are multi-layered and thick, which results in a luxurious and classic look. The thermal coatings also provide the facility of a blackout.

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Thermally lined curtains block the heat from coming in during the warmer weather and keep your place cold. This type of lining is very beneficial and helpful and environment friendly.

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Shut the Curtains at Night

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To get the maximum benefit to keep the curtains shut at night, which will stop the heat from getting out and make your place warmer and cozier. Once you closed the curtains, turn on the heating system, heat up your room up to the required temperature, and switch off the heating system. The curtains will keep the heat in and will maintain the warmth of your room. The optimum temperature for sleeping is between 18.5 ºC-23.8 ºC. Otherwise, your sleep will go disruptive.

Always Use door curtains

Door curtains are of equal importance as our window curtains. They provide the maximum coverage against heat or cold and make your place look adorable and elegant. Door curtains close the bottom seal and keep all the heat/cold inside the room thus maintaining the required temperature.

Door Curtains Ideas for Sliding Doors 

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Door curtains enhance the beauty of the place, cover the skidding door very well and hide all the interior side of the room and protect our privacy. It is best to cover the sliding doors with door curtains because of their benefits;

  • Door curtains block all the sunlight from coming in.
  • They help to maintain the temperature of your place.
  • They help you to protect your privacy.
  • They create a beautiful and adorable look.
  • The door curtains create an effect of fullness and warmth.

Door curtains fabric material;

Curtains are not just meant to buy and hang; they need proper planning for buying them. A right curtain serves best when it comes to the fabric material, color, design, or styles of the curtain. A wisely chosen curtain makes your place classy, romantic, elegant and vibrant with other benefits (stated above) as well. The door curtains are made of various fabric which includes;

  • Cotton
  • Cotton and polyester blended curtains
  • Velvet
  • Chenille and silk blended curtains
  • Silk
  • Sheer and velvet curtains
  • Metallic curtains

Door curtains also come in multiple styles, which includes;

  • Pleated curtains
  • Pencil pleat curtains
  • Eyelets curtains
  • Double pleated curtains
  • Lined & unlined curtains
  • Patterned or plain curtains

All you need is to select the right and most suitable curtain. Choose wisely because the door curtains and drapes are far better than the glass sliding doors because they are easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry about washing them daily as your door needs to be cleaned daily. Plus these curtains look more beautiful than the glass sliding doors.

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