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Are you interested in ethical hacking?

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Are you someone who is interested in ethical hacking or cyber security in general? Have you been searching the Internet for ethical hacking training or any other security course recently? If you are, then you are not alone and you have come to the right place. Cyber security and especially ethical hacking have become one of the most demanded skills today, partly because we have too many threats looming on our heads and partly because we don’t have enough individuals to protect us from them. If you’ve already decided to pursue a career in this field, then you should know that you have made the right decision after all because it’s not just one of the most promising jobs out there today but it also has a lot of other advantages, for example, a fulfilling career, job security, opportunities to work abroad, and globally recognised certified courses that you can complete irrespective of your former educational background and age.

White hat hackers are professionals who are trained in the art of ethical hacking and penetration testing methodologies and work to secure information systems. These professionals can be hired by organizations, security firms can even run their own cyber security consultancies. They are regarded as one of the highest paid professionals in the entire IT sector.

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As far as the field is concerned you should know that it falls within the offensive security approach or cyber security. It is also one of the fastest growing fields in not just cyber security but in the entire IT sector. Today’s threat landscape has widened for the worse and we know that it’s not sufficient to just play defense for safeguarding our information systems . Organizations have now started recognised, (better late than never) that they have to include offensive security in their cyber security strategy if they really want to get ahead of the hackers and prevent their systems, data and networks from being attacked. There are trillions of dollars lost in cyber incidents. thousands of companies are shut down because they were about never able to recover from the attacks. Cyber crime is a very profitable trade and the more technological progress our world makes, the more hackers have at their disposal to steal.

Coming to the benefits and what you can expect if you choose to go through with this career, you should know one thing: you can do it and your future self will thank yourself for making this decision today. Did you know that the average salary for a certified ethical hacker or a CEH certification holder starts at around $90,000 per annum? Hiring ethical hackers has become a typical business practice today and more of a necessary one at that. Industries like finance and banking are under a major and constant threat of cyber attacks and they need qualified and talented ethical hackers to protect their systems from breaches and attacks regularly. Banking institutions cannot just rely on defense mechanisms like network defense to protect their systems. They also need to know in advance about their potential vulnerabilities and fix them before it gets too late.

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A brief question before you say goodbye:

What is it that makes you want to work in cybersecurity? Do you find it exciting or fulfilling? Do you think it is your calling or do you think you should give it a go because of any other reason?

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Think about your answer and reach out if you want to share anything with the world. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends and family who you think might be interested in this exceptional field like you are.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

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