Easy Ways to Crack Class 8 IMO

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Class 8 mathematics olympiad is a unique way of exposing students to a friendly competition and getting them to know their ranking on an international level from early on. The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) offers the students an opportunity to make the foundations of the subject stronger and therefore perform well in their annual exams both academically and competitively. Moreover, the competition provided by the Olympiad can be good exposure for the students this age who wish to challenge themselves. Even though it could be challenging to quickly grasp all the new and complicated topics introduced in class 8, here are some easy methods that can be kept in mind while preparing for the Olympiad. 

  • The paper pattern is the first thing students should become accustomed to, like the back of their hands. Cracking any exam is based on the sole factor of how well the student is versed with the question paper format. Students can refer to IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 8 to get an insight into the paper outline. Following are some things about the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) question paper that may be important while preparing for the exam. 
  1. The class 8 maths olympiad paper is divided into four sections with different questions carrying varying marks. The first section is called the Logical Reasoning Section, which contains ten questions, each having one spot, making the area worth 10 marks. The second section is called the Mathematical Reasoning Section, which has 20 questions of one mark each, and therefore a total of 20 effects. The third section is the Mathematics in everyday Life Section, with 15 questions carrying one mark each. This section has a total worth 15 marks. The final section, and by far the most difficult one, is the Achievers Section contains only 5 questions, but each is worth three marks, making it a very mark-rich section worth 15 points in total.
  2. Therefore, the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) has a total of 50 questions combining all the sections.
  3. The examination is one hour long, providing the students with 60 minutes to solve 50 questions.
  4. It is an objective-type exam format requiring students to fill out their answers in an OMR sheet.
  • The syllabus is the next thing on the list. After familiarizing yourself with the paper pattern for the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), it is now essential to dissect the syllabus and the course to determine which chapters are already known and to what extent, and which ones are entirely new. Once the students have acquired the syllabus, they can start preparing early and have plenty of time later for revision and doubt solving with their teachers. Therefore, the class 8 Mathematics Olympiad syllabus is given below for the consideration of the students, which is framed out of the course prescribed by CBSE, ICSE, and state board culmination.
  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Linear Equations in One Variable
  3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
  4. Practical Geometry
  5. Data Handling
  6. Squares and Square Roots
  7. Cube and Cube Roots
  8. Comparing Quantities
  9. Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  10. Visualizing Solid Shapes
  11. Mensuration
  12. Exponents and Powers
  13. Direct and Inverse Proportions
  14. Factorization
  15. Introduction to Graphs
  16. Playing with Numbers

Time Management should be your number one priority.

Be it during the preparation, while attempting mock tests, or in the final exam itself, managing your time effectively will be nothing but valuable for the students. While preparing, time management through an effective schedule with short-term goals can boost confidence and help complete the syllabus. During mock tests, achieving all 50 questions under the prescribed time of one hour can push students to increase their speed and accuracy with rate. In the final exam, it is essential to strategize and attempt questions and sections that suit the student first, thus having excellent time management for the leftover areas.

  • Spend your time practicing as this time you have on your hands now won’t ever return to you. If you find yourself with a bit more free time than you need, utilize it to practice a few numerical or learn a new formula or theorem. These few minutes of question-solving can help in the long run when the student gets accustomed to the complexity of questions and how to solve them. Mathematics is a subject built on the principle of practice and deep understanding of the concept, both of which can be accomplished by participating in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), which helps students prepare for their other school tests and annual exams well. For practicing, students can avail themselves of the question banks and workbooks from shops or online websites that provide them for free or for minimal fees. Even coaching institutes and tuition classes offer practice material for such competitive exams. The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organizes the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) and other olympiads of various subjects publishes its practice workbook with a compilation of previous and past year questions papers best and most commonly asked questions.
  • Revision should never be neglected as it can determine whether you make it or not to do good in an exam. It is the pillar on which competitive exams like International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) thrive, and failure to revise before going in for the final exam can be a massive mistake on the students’ part. It refreshes all the formulas and methods and helps you learn a fact or two at the very last moment that you may have missed earlier and which can be necessary for the exam.

Therefore, it is all about how well you follow the essential few examinations hacks and how well you execute them that determine the final result. Class 8 Mathematics olympiad can easily be aced if the student believes in himself and vouches to do their best from the very beginning.